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Ii� TftE COL'NTY GC)URT C�F HALL Ct3Ut�1'Y, 1V�[�RA5KA <br /> I;•: "�:ii:� :;t:1�'?`ER t)C' T3-1`t: ES'FAT�I No. 5912 <br /> ) <br /> i)E� ) PI'��AL I)ECREE r�'�' DETi:R?�9I'�!A`?'I��N <br /> ) Oi^ INH�RITAI�CE TAX � <br /> I'c_�_,jP„til; tr�1iI,I1',_ T.7I:C'�ASED`) <br /> `�ov+� �r� t�3is 14th day of :�eptember, 1961, this r�atter came on <br /> for t�e�rin��; c.,n t}�e. �etition of Lo���l `;. )iulit , the surviving widc�wer, <br /> �or ���atermia�ati�n of InheritancP Tax in �the foregoins; enti�le{� es- <br /> tate and frnm t)�e evider�ce the C�urt finds. <br /> 1 . I?tre ar:d nro�er notice of this hearin�; has been had ac_ <br /> cnzdin�.; fo La�.,�; ttie Coixnty tlttnrney nf Itall Gountv, '�ehraska was <br /> serve<l p�rsc>:?aily with notice af tYiis hearin�;; upon ��agust 23, 1.a61 <br /> t��is Coiar� c�a�i;�> an �}rder ciirectin;; the said County �lttorney be re- <br /> quired ��z G3zott� cause cvithin �ne weel� �f the date c�f service af saici <br /> �:�rde� u��on ?�im �,vhy a I)etermina`inn shnulcl n�t he made aTid nc� In- <br /> l�eritanc� T:�x is due on accour�t of the t�roperty �iesc.rihed in said <br /> ;?�t;ti��n ar;� tY•�e pc�t2��tia1 li�an thereof uron such nr�nert�� he <br /> ex�;ir;,uished; �nci the said Cot.ant3r ;'lttornetr of Nall Co»nty , �'eY�raslca, <br /> �trho )�a�i r�ceived a cop�T of saici r�rder u�+on August 23, 1962 nacie <br /> z�o shc>c�rinf; nf ar.v nature !,rl�atsoever �vhv such a Iletermination �hould �i <br /> no{- ,�e macie r�� the C�urt . ` <br /> 2. ""I�e decedent di�cl seizer� �f a joi�t4. tenancv title �vith <br /> �=1� t��ti�-inr,pr, her widower, Toyal '?. (Iulit , with ri�hts �f sur- <br /> vi�.Jors�i�z, i�� i,c-�t T��o (2> , '31oc�: T�,ro (?) ir, �iett.�r tlom�s Su�?dtvision <br /> i.n tl�� Cit�r c�f t;rand Islar�d , sta11 Count��, ��ehras�C� �f the reason- <br /> -na rket <br /> able�v::1�:� c�.,3on the dare of her deatl� of �11 ,0(}O.Ot? �vhile it �ras <br /> er�timber.ed hy a r.iort�;a,e upon which there was a b�lance due �f <br /> ;�3,50(3.0!?, �n��. wtaich property was their homestead; anci �airi property <br /> �� not liU':�1� for tt?� payment of Inheritance Taxes un<ier. +�lP_ Laws <br /> R�f '�,� S��:t:..� c,f �{ei�raska. <br /> 3. Ti�e :9ecedent was the owr,2r of a joint ctaec}cin�; account <br /> µ�it�= tt,e �'etitioner u�ith rights of survivorship in the sur: of <br /> S1,A56.81 , also an automobile in whicts they owned ars eatiity �f <br /> `�700.�?�) and was the co-owner of a l:nited States Savings tiond uvith <br /> the petitioner of the value of �5(?(},00, and was co-owner �f other <br /> I <br />