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'�,:ti�r:. . � . <br />�,:X:_.:,�:'.. . <br />�:: <br /> LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT <br /> OF <br /> SARAH NZULLEN <br /> Kti0`rd ALL Pn,EN BY THESE PHESENTS: <br /> That I, Sarah Nullen, of Grand Island in Hall County, <br /> State of Nebraska, being of sound mind and disposing memory <br /> out not unmindful of the uncertainties of human life , do here- <br /> by make , publish and declare this to be my Last tiVill and Testa- <br /> rnent, hereby revoking all Former Wills by me made : <br /> FIRST <br /> I do hereby declare that my legal residence is Grand <br /> Island, Hall County , Nebraska, and has been such Ie�al residence <br /> sin�e trie year 1922• <br /> .S LCi 0�1l� <br /> I do hereby give , cievise and bequeath unto �nna Leahy, <br /> uror� �r:e coriditior. that she shall file no claim in my Estate <br /> nor m�ake any �er,iand z or any of tne assets of said Estate by <br /> rt;asor� oi any obiigations which tne saici �nna Leahy may claim <br /> ae� adainst me at this time or at the time oi my death; <br /> (a) Subject to said condition I bequeath ;,o the said :�nr.a <br /> �eariy aii of my furniture , silverware , linens and household <br /> fixtures, �nc�tt:er now in ttie possession cf said Anna Leahy or <br /> otner�rise . <br /> ( b) In the event my son, '�illiam� P. �;ullen shall survive <br /> n,e , then upon the same condition I bequeath to the said Anna <br /> I,eahy the sum of Tnree Thousand Dollars (�3 ,�L0.00) . <br /> { c) In the event my son, '�dilliam P. I1:u11en, shall not sur- I <br /> vive rne ouL shall Ieave him survivino his wife , ann Costello <br /> I��iullen, �oi;o shall survive me , then upon the same condition I <br /> do oive , and bequeath one-fourth (1/4) of my entire es- <br /> tate of any and all natures whatsoever and �rheresoever situated <br /> unto the sa�d �nna Leahy, and three-£ourths (3/4) unto the <br /> said �nn Costello i�iullen. <br /> (d) In the event neither the said William P. A^�ullen nor <br /> his wife, :�nn Costello l�iullen, shal.l: survive me , then upon the <br /> same conditior. I do bequeath my en�ire estate of any and all <br /> natures whatsoever and wheresoever situated to the said Anna <br /> Leahy. <br /> I�Iarie 6V. hicDerrnott Sarah Nullen <br /> N,. J. McDermott <br /> ,�.....:,. _ , _:;, <br /> I ," <br /> . , .: a,�„��, ,. <br /> .. <br /> �n� ,��^��.,.�.mrr� �w°' , �i�°� . . „�s� .. <br />