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(2) '�o carry on any business in which I shall be <br /> engaged or financially interested at the time of my death for <br /> such time and in such way as ta them shall seem best, and for <br /> that purpose to retain arri employ tharein the capital which shall <br /> be employed in it at the time of my death an� such additional <br /> capital as they sha11 think fit to advance from time to time from <br /> my genera3� estate; <br /> f3) To compromise and settle a11 clair�s in favor of <br /> or against �ny estate; <br /> (l�j Ta ccnsent to the reorganization or consolidation <br /> of or ather change in any corporation whose stock or obligations <br /> may be held or acquired by said Executors or Trustees and to <br /> consent to any readjustment, conversion or sale of any such <br /> stocks and obligations, and to take all steps, deposit and <br /> transfer all stccks, ar�l obligations, and execute all agreements, <br /> powers of attorney, deeds, releases, assignments, arr� other �apers <br /> necessary or proper in connection therewith; <br /> f5} To retair., invest, and to ccntinue to keep my <br /> estate or any portion thereof investe� in the securities or in <br /> tne manner in which it may exist or be invested at the ti�e of <br /> my cieath; <br /> (6) To invest and reinvest and keep my estate invested <br /> in such bonds, stacks, or other securities or properties as it <br /> may deem suitable for the trusts herein created without being <br /> restricted to securities of the character that may now or here- <br /> after be authorized 'oy the laws of the State of Nebraska for trust <br /> investments; <br /> (�) To borrow money for the benefit of my estate or <br /> of any of the trusts herein created and t,o secure such loans <br /> by a mortgage of any of my real estate or pledge of anyo uf my <br /> securities; to renew any notes on wlzich I shall be bound as maker <br /> or endorser until such time as my es�ate shall pay or be otherwise <br /> relieved of such obligations; <br /> ($) To lease real estate for periods that may extend <br /> beyond the life of the trust in which it is held; <br /> (9) To divide or distribute my estate in kind or <br /> partly in kind and partly in money or to convert all o£ my pro- <br /> perty to money for the purpose of distribution at the end of the <br /> trust, and for the purpose of such allotment the judgment of my <br /> Executars or Trustees concerning the property thereof and the <br /> relative value for the purpose of distribution of securities or <br /> properties so alloted shall be binding and conclusive upon all <br /> persons interested in my estate; and my trustees shall have <br /> authority to name a committee to make the appraisal if such <br /> becomes necessary or advisable; <br /> (10) To determine whether expenses incurred, or losses. <br /> or depreciation suffered, in the administration of the trusts <br /> herein created shall be charged against principal or income; { <br /> (11) My Trustees shall have full power, in their <br /> discretion, to improve any portion of the 'real estate held by them <br /> as Trustee5 hereunder,, by the erection of bu.ildings thereon, to add <br /> to or change, or to demolish arLi rebuild the improvements on such <br /> of the r'eal esta�e held in trust as is already improved; <br /> ;. <br /> -6- <br /> . <br /> . <br /> �� � � . ;-s , � ��� <br /> � <br /> , <br />