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A F F I D A V I T <br />In re: East Seventy- seven(77) feet of Lots Two <br />Hundred Thirty - Three(233) and Two Hundred Thirty <br />Four (234) in west Lawn, in the City of Grand Islands <br />Nebraska. <br />State of Nebraska) <br />: ss <br />Count. of Hall ) <br />Robert L. Bochart and Donna J. Bochart, being first <br />duly sworn on their oath, deposes and says -hat they are <br />the owner and are in possession of the following described <br />premises to -wit: <br />East Seventy - seven( ?7) feet of Lots Two Hundred <br />Thirt7- Three(233) and Two Hundred Thirty Four <br />(234) in West Lawn,:hthe City of Grand Island, <br />Nebraska, <br />q. -11 ted. and sworn to before me this Z6 day of September <br />cimmasion. ,expires m <br />{ '!hE <br />Y <br />ona d W. N cDan.n.el <br />Notary Public <br />Filed for record September 20, 1958 at 9:45 A.M• Edna Bohn,Register of Deeds <br />-- Hall County, Nebr. <br />Deputy <br />