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maintain and use roads, railway tracks, transmission lines and any <br />and all other appliances, machinery., building, structures, equipment <br />and/or facilities it may desire, and which are hereinafter designated <br />as "facilities and equipment", and to do each and every other act and <br />thing thereon and with reference thereto in its judgm <br />ent necessaa-j <br />and incident to the production of said sand and gravel from the afore- <br />said lands and other lands adjacent; it being, especially conte-raplated <br />hereby that such li'o.cili ties and equipment will and may be used in the <br />production, transportation, marketing and sale of said sand and LTavel <br />from the lands of others abutting; or adjacent to the lands of the <br />Owners albove described; and any of said i'acilities and equipment may <br />be removed at any time during the lease period, and 11rithin six montlas <br />after the expiration thereof. <br />In consideration of the privileges herein granted, said, Gravel <br />Corporation hereby agrees that it will pay or cause to be paid to the <br />said Owners as lease rental and royalty., the sum of One Dollar per <br />railroad car for all sand and r - <br />,Xavel removed from the promises of the <br />T iers by railroad car, and Three Cents per cubic yard for all sand <br />M <br />and gravel removed from said premises of ti-ie 0i'mers b,- truck, wa-on <br />or trailer; with a minimum payment to the Owners of Twenty-Five Dollars <br />per year until the nravel Corporation erects facilities and equipment <br />and actively begins the transportation of sand and . gravel from the leased <br />premises; then, during the period such active shipping operations are <br />carried on, minimum payment of the sum of One Hundred Dollars per year <br />so long as they are thus carried on; and if the lease is terminated as <br />hereinafter set forth., then the sum of 1'wenty´┐Ż-five Dollars per gear to <br />be paid in one lump SUM for the remainder of the lease period, and <br />within six months a.-ter notice of such termination. <br />