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� <br /> WILL, AND DECR.E� R�CORD No. 10 <br /> 38692-TXEAIIGUSTINECO.GRANOISLAN�.NEBR. . � <br /> payment of special legacies, and the delivery of personal property, and the interest in the real estate, and upon <br /> payment of the inheritance taac in the sum of $120, and after the filing in this court of the receipts of the heirs <br /> and legatees for their respective bequests and legacies, the said Gladys Powers will be discharged from her trust <br /> as executriac of said estate and the sureties on her official bond are released. <br /> BY THE COURT <br /> Charles Bossert <br /> County Judge <br /> Ilv THE COtiNTY COURT OF HALL COUI�TY, NEBRASKA <br /> CERTIFICATE <br /> STATE OF NEBRASKA, ) <br /> )s�• <br /> HALL COUNTY ) <br /> I, Charles Bossert County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, do hereby certify that I have compared the foregoing <br /> copy of Last Will.and Testament, CERTIFICATE dF PROBATE OF WILL AND FINAL DECREE - IN TI� MATTER OF THE FSTATE OF <br /> LLOYD L. RICKARD, DF.CEASED, with the original record thereof, now remaining in said Court, that the same is a <br /> correct transcript thereof, and of the whole of such original record; that said Court is a Court of Record having <br /> a seal, which seal is hereto attached; that said Court has no Clerk authorized to sign certificates in his own name, <br /> and that I am the leagal custodian of said Seal and of the Records of said Court, and that the foregoing attestation <br /> is in due form of law•. <br /> IIv' TFSTIMONY WHEREQF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of Lhe County Court, at Grand Island, this <br /> 19th day of January, 1951. <br /> (SEAL) Charles Bossert County Judge. <br /> Filed for record this 19 day of January, 1951, at 4:35 o�clock P,M. � ����� <br /> a� <br /> Register of Deeds � <br />� o-�a-o-e-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-e-o-e-o-o--Q-o-o-o-ae-o-o-o-c-o-e-ao-e-o-o-e-o-o-o-ao-o-e-o-e-o-o-o-o-e-o-o-o-o-ao-o-e- <br /> WILL A?�`D DECREE <br /> I LAST i�'ILI. ANLI TF.STA'.�iFtv'T QF !1i:TTIE STER:�E. <br /> I, Nettie Stez,ne, a widoi+�, ef Grand I�l.and, Hall County, �Tebraska., being of sound mind and disposing memory, do <br /> make and publish thi.s, my 1_ast ioi17. a.n.� testa.ment, in the manner and form following: <br /> I FIRST. <br /> I direc;t that my burial �x�ezises, and just debts, if any, and expenses of administration of my estatp, be first <br /> pai� out of my estate. <br /> SECO:�TD. <br /> 7 give, devise, and t��qtze�atll 11] c�f my Froperty , rcal and persanal, whether no�,r cwned by me or herea.fter acquired, <br /> to my da.ughter, A4abe1 Sterne s�'.illi7ms. <br /> T�iIRD. <br /> I hereby revoke an� an;� all f��rmer c�i.11s made by me, <br /> FOi1RTTi. <br /> T hcreh3t nom�r.ate ar�d ap�oirt� my sai� �aubhter, Mabel Sterne G+'illi.ams, as executirx of this, my last will and <br /> testam�r,t, and reqvest t:hcat �he :�c� i�et .r�q�.�ired t� furnish suret�� upan her official bond as such. ' <br /> T?�� TESTT'+�IO\Y ��iHEREOF, T !����� tier�iznta set my hand tllis 26t11 day of August, 1�43. � � <br /> tti'itnesses: <br /> Iiernice r. Alatth�s�� '�ettie �terne <br /> Wrr, St.t�2r � � <br /> ��'e, whose r,ames are� Ci�bscribed, do hereby certif3� that Netti.e Sterne,the testaL�rix, subscribed her name <br /> to t�le farebo�n� zn�trui��et�e: :i�� c��ir F�es�nce ayid in th� presence �f each ef us, and, at the same t.ime, and in ou,r <br /> pres�nce :*r,d hearin,�, dc��.?.ar�d the sa.r;A Cc� �e her �ast ���i11 and testament, and �ve, at her rzqitest and in hpr presence <br /> and i.n the presenc� ��f ,�.--'i `f-1;er, ha�r�� hereunt� sut�scribed our r,a.mes as attesti,ng witne�ses, <br /> �iernice F,. afatthews <br /> �f Gr�nd Island,<a. <br /> tti'm. Siihr � <br /> Of Grand Island, Nebraska. , <br /> Flt'R�R�r'�fi'�'T; L:1ST ?t'II.,L :t'�P TT°ST.A?�f''�T (�T' '�r';T7T; ST�;R'�F, <br /> tdm. Sul�r, "_tt-�rnE,v._ar,-la�� � <br /> C,ra,:td Isl.�r,�, '��3�r�is}ca, <br />� i��LL CC�i'�'TY, '+;`?FiRZ SK�. �' 7 1. " ?? '�f;1R 17. Z�aq ('H^.RLF.5 ?'(!S.SF.RT COI"1TTY JI'�GI; <br /> CERTIFIC".Tl? OP' PROE?:!!Tr i�T Tt�ILL <br /> STATE OF :1?T'i3R.151CA ) <br />' ) ss. C�RTIFTC�ITF (?� PR(?I3ATI; OF it'TLI: <br /> N:�T.z. ��i'1�X 1 <br /> Ar a Stssien of the Cc�.nt�° ^ourt h�ia. itl the Count3r Court R�om i.n Granc? Isla.nd, in said Couz�ty, on the 6th da.y of <br /> April n.P., 19a9 <br /> Present Charles Bossert ' County Judge <br /> In th� Mat*er of th� T�statc� uf <br /> '�et�i.e Sterne , T1�cea�eu <br /> T, Charles P3s�er°t, �u�ae of t��e Cout:t:y C�urt, ic� arld for sai.d Cout�t:y�, do hereby certify that on. tl�e llth day of <br /> '�a.reh l��l�, t!7e i:�;-strc,�;ent r�rpcj-�rzt��� t.� te: the �ast �,�ill and testanient of "�etti� �ter�r.e decease:�, was fiJ_ed fer prot�ate <br /> �n th:�� i,�ttrt . '�hat ot� th� 6ti� d�3� of A�pril 1�349, sa��d ir.strumcnt te this eertificate i.s at*ached was duly proved, <br /> pr�t�at�:� ar;d a?Iq�,-cd �+.. tta�: la:�� ��x�l, a�i;: t.estam�i.t ef the re:�l and personal estate of sa.i.d Nettie Sterne deceased, and <br /> the sam� �ab �ard�re�� t�� be r���ard�^� i�: tI?� reco��d.s ��f the Court afoz•esaid. , <br /> T�; i�'IT'��rcS �,'FTr'RrLF, 7 �xar���.� I;t�i�eui7t�� s�t m��� 11a_r�d and affixAd the sea,l of the County Court, thi.s 6th 3ay of April 19�9 <br /> (S��^.T) � Gha,rles �3ossert <br /> !T�SL:: �•(�(':�TY, '�FT3T;!1SK,A k' T L T' P 1PR. f� 1.�4n Gour�t3 Tudge <br /> CH_1RLE5 TiOSSF.RT Cn;"�TY )i'P.rT; <br /> , <br />