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� 3�� <br /> NO. 9 HALI� COUNTY <br /> S'TAT� OF NEBRASKA � ss. CERTIFI�A�E OF PROBATE OF WILL <br /> HALL �OUN3'Y ) <br /> - At a 3eeston oP the Cm�nty Court held ir� the County Court Room in (3rand Island, ir� said <br /> CouM'�y, on the �6�h da,,p of At��s�, A. D. , 1943• - <br /> Pre�ent Pau.t N. Kirk, County Judge. <br /> In the Matt�r of the Eetate af <br /> Mary D. Vocke, DeQeased. <br /> I, Pau1 N. Kirk, Judge oP the County Court, in and Po� eaid Cour�ty, �do hereby certify t�at <br /> on the 28th day of July, 191�3, the inatrument purportir�g to be the laat xi11 and t�stamert� of <br /> �iary* D. Voeke, deeeased, �ras Piled for proba�e in �h3s Court. That on the 26th day oP Au�st, <br /> 19�3, eaid ir�strument to whieh tMia aertif i�ate is attaahed �►a,s duly proved, probated and <br /> allov�ed a� the Iagt will and teat�aent of the real and personal esta�e oP said Mary D. Vocske, <br /> deceased, and th� eame was ordered to be reaorded in the records oP the Court aPoreaaid. <br /> IAT WI�NESS WHEREOF, I have here�nto set my Mand and at'fixed �he seal of the County Cour�, II <br /> thia 26th day oP Au�uet, 1943. <br /> �gE�'�''� Pa�]. N. Kirk <br /> �ounty Judge. <br /> HALL COUN�Y, NEBRASKA F' I L E D <br /> AUa 26, 1q4� PAtJL N. KIRK COUNTY JUDQE. <br /> IN THE G�tTNTY COURT OF HALL COUAITY, NEBRASKA <br /> IA1 THE MATTER OF '�HE ESTATE ) _ <br /> ) . <br /> ��' 7 FI�tAL DECREE <br /> � - <br /> MAR� D. �O�KE, DECEASED, ) <br /> Na� or� tMis �th day of July 1944, this Qause Qame on Por hearirig upon the Fir�al Report oP <br /> Franaes Voake, exectztria of the �ast Will and Tes�ament of Mary D. Voake, deoeased, t'ollowing <br /> dua noti,Qe of the filing of said report and of th� time �and place appointed t'or hearing thereon, <br /> as provided by the Order vf �his Court, and no one havi�g appeared to ob�ect cr protest the <br /> alloxar�Qe of said report, <br /> At'ter a fc�ll examinatior� oP �aid report, the Court being fully sd�ised, Yinda that '�he same <br /> is vorrect a,r�d ought to be allawed and that the executrix has aQaounted for all property of said <br /> deaeased aoming into her handa or under her eon�rol. <br /> The Court further finds that due notiee was given to aIl creditors of aaid deceased, as to <br /> the �ime allowed and plaae aPpolAted Por filing claims against said es�ate, arsd the time so <br /> sllo�red .for filiMg cla3ma has expired, and that a7.1 olaims Piled ar�d a1lo�ed against aaid ee- <br /> tate have been paid, and that any clala� outs�andlr�g a�ainst eaid es�ate, if any auah there be, <br /> are farever barred and precl.uded. <br /> It iet further oonsidered by the Court that the report of said Frances Voake be, and tMe aame <br /> is hereby approved and alle�ed as her Final Report, and tha.t ahe ia disaharged vf her trust. ', <br /> _, The Court further fir�ds �hat the property belonging to the ea�ate of Mary D. Vocke, deceaeed, <br /> � F is duly appraised, and report mf the appraisement filed in thie �our�, and that �tnder �aid re- <br /> port, the Cour� finda tMat said .estate is not sub��mt to i�heritanae taac under the laws oP the <br /> �-- S'�ate of Nebraska or of the Uni�ed :3tatea. - <br /> a, :_ <br /> �'he Gour� further fir�da that �he alaims Por the funeral eapensee, and laet illneas of the <br /> - - . dedeaeed, arid the court eo��s herein, havE been paid. i <br /> The Court further find� tha� the sald Mary D, Vocke, deaeaaed, died eei�ed of the follc�ring <br /> desaribed proper'ty, to-wi'�: <br /> Tha �1eat Ha1f and �he �Test Half mf the Last Half of Sedtion 1?, To�rrtehip 28, Range �+4 in Garder� <br /> County, Nebraska; . <br /> 'The �lorthwest Gbuarter oP Section �, Tovrr�ship lI, Range lf}, in Hall County,� Nebraeka; " <br /> The Nor�h Ha12' oP �he Nor�heast Q,t�arter and the North Half oP the South Half oP the North�a�et <br /> 4�art�r and the Nor�th Ha1P of the 9outh Half of the South Half ot' tMe Northeast Quar�er of Sea- <br /> tio� 11, �'at�tr�ehip 11, Nor�h, oP Range 10, We�t oP �he 6th P.M. in Ha].1 County, Nebraska. <br /> �he Sou'�heas� auax�ter oP th� I�orthweat Quarter and Lots Tt�o (2), and Thr�e (3) of 3��tion 18, <br /> Tor�vti�hip 18, Nor'�h oP Range 44, West of the dth P.M. in Qarden �ounty, Nebraska. <br /> The 3o�.theaat Q�arter and t�� Southwes� Quarter of Northeae� 4uar�er of Sea�ion �, and the <br /> Half; Th� eas� �Ia1.P of the gouthv�eet Quar�er, the 3outhwes� Q�tarter ot' 3ou�hweet q,uarter, the <br /> �iortheast 4,uart�r of Northwest quarter and Lo� 1 of 9ee�ion 18, �oxrtshi 18, North of Rsnge 44 <br /> - Weet. And, the North Half of the Northeas�C qt�arter of Seatian Thl,rteen �13} in ToKnship Eigh�een <br /> (18) North of' Range 4S, West of th� 6th P.M. in Garden Co�tnty, Nebraaka. <br /> The Cour� furth�r finda that ur�der the terma of the Last Will and �e�tament of Mary D. Voake, <br /> deaeaeed, the use and inaome from the Northweat C�uarter of Semtion 2 in To�nehip 11, North of <br /> _Range 10, ir� Hall �o�nty, �Tebraska, was given a.r�d bequeathed to Franoee Voake, Por a period of <br /> 20 yeare after �he death of the said Mary D. Voeke; tha.t ahe died on the �3rd day of Jc�ly, 1943, <br /> and �hat the said Franaea Voake shall have the uee a.nd incom� theretrom uatil the 23rd day of <br /> duly, 1963. <br /> The Court further Pinde that all oP �he oth�r above-desaribed real eeta�e did pass a.t�d <br /> descend at �he death of �he said Mary D. Yooke c��dc�r the terma of the Last W111. axld �eatament, �Go <br /> her ehildr�n, i�illiam L. Vocke, John B. Yoeke, aeorge W. Voeke, Dora Yoake Ro�e, Fra�cee Voeke, <br /> and Maris voake Zorn in eq�a2 shares to each, arid that upo�a the death of the eaid Franas��Voake <br /> her liPe estate in �he Aiorthwest Quarter of Seation 2, To�nahip lI, Rar�ge 1�, xill termina�e o� <br />