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IfAZSG <br />1 <br />I <br />1 <br />1 <br />1. <br />'""VIII UP PERRRE PHOOND Mo. U, <br />42I54- KLOPPB BARTLETT CO., PRINTING. LITHOGNAPHI,VG, STATIONERY; OMAHA <br />State of Nebraska ) <br />)ss <br />Hall County ) <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br />U7 <br />I, J. H. Mullin, County Judge of Hall County, Nebraska, sole presiding <br />Judge and Ex- Officio Clerk of the'County Court of said County, do hereby certify that said Court; <br />is a Court of Record having a Seal,.and that I ani the lawful Custodian of the said Seal and the <br />Records of said Court, and I further certify that I have compared the foregoing copy of the <br />Decree Admitting Foreign Will to Probate, the Last Will and Testament, the Order Admitting said <br />Will to Probate in the Probate Court of Hennepin County':, Minnesota, the Certificate of the <br />Clerk of said Probate Court, the Certificate of Attestation of the Judge and Clerk of said Court; <br />and the Certificate of Probate in this Court, all in the matter of the estate of Carrie C. Woods, <br />deceased, with the original record thereof now remaining in this Court, and that the same is <br />a correct transcript thereof and of the whole of said original record, <br />In Testimony Thereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Seal of said Court, this <br />16th day of February, 1910. <br />( SEAL) <br />Filed for record the 9th day of March, 1910, at 10 -30 A.M. <br />In the Matter of theEstate of ) <br />Sardius H. Brewster, deceased. ) <br />J. H. Mullin, <br />County Judge. <br />County Clerk. <br />IN THE COUNTY COURT OF HALL COUNTY ,NEBRASKA. <br />FINAL DEGREE. <br />Now on this 9th day of Larch, 1910, this cause came on for <br />hearing upon the report of Emma E. Brewster, Administratrix of the estate of Sardius H. Brewster, <br />deceased, and it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that all persons interested in said <br />estate have been duly notified and have entered their voluntary appearance herein and waived <br />further notice of final settlement of said estate, and it further appearing to the Court, after <br />a full examination of said report that the same is correct in all respects and ought to be <br />approved and allowed, it is therefore, <br />ORDERED, ADJTTDrxED and Decreed that the report of Emma E. Brewster, Administratrix of the <br />estate of Sardius H. Brewster, deceased, be and the same hereby is approved and allowed as and <br />for- her final account and she is discharged of her trust. <br />The Court finds that notice was given to all creditors of the said Sardius H. Brewster, <br />deceased, in the manner provided by law and by the order of court dated September 21, 1907, of <br />J the time allowed and place appointed for filing claims against the estate of said deceased;, <br />tthat the time allowed for filing claims has fully expired; that all claims filed and allowed <br />against said estate -have been fully paid and satisfied; that all claims outstanding against said <br />estate and not presented, if any there be, are, therefore forever barred and excluded. <br />It is therefore by the Court, considered, adjudged and decreed that all persons are forever <br />barred from filing or setting up any claims or demands against the estate of Sardius H. Brewster, <br />deceased, and ,that said estate is fully closed and settled. <br />The Court finds that the sa:.d Sardius H. Brewster left surviving him as his heirs at law and <br />his only heirs at law, the following named persons: Emma E. Brewster, his widow, and S. E. <br />Brewster, his son, and that he left no other child or children and no child of a deceased child. <br />The Court finds\that the said Sardius H. Brewster was at the time of his death the owner of <br />the following described real estate, situate in the County of Hall and State of Nebraska, to -wit: <br />All of block six (6)' in Bonnie Brae Addition to the City of Grand Island. The Court finds that <br />under the laws of the State of Nebraska, all of the above described real estate did pass and <br />descend at the death of the said Sardius H.Brewster, intestate, in the manner following: - <br />