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�� <br /> DEED RECORD <br /> Huffman Form No. tog�/2 Containing 4ti Printed Words. � <br /> NO. 1 3 5-360 8 6-TIIEAUGUSTINECO.GRAND ISLAND,NEBR. � <br /> STATE OF NBBRASKA� <br /> ss. <br /> FROM County of He,l,l Entered in Numerical Index anc� filecl for recorcl in <br /> David Entz thcs 8egiater 0� �ele(3.8 t of fice of said County <br /> R088 �tZ the SJ dny of April ig11'9 at l.� o'clock and minutes A.NI. <br /> TO and recorded in book 9g page 3Q of Dee���Z/V�� <br /> �&.'q.T�GB g�T�OA � Register of Deeds. <br /> f?live $ort01�1 By �,�` Deputy. <br /> KNOW AI.T. NIEN BY THFS£; PRF,SF,NTS, That Da4id �ata and 8ose Entz, each in their own right, aad as husband and wife, <br /> in consic�eration oJ One 13ollar and other valuable considerations - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DOLLARS <br /> in hand paid, do hereby grant, barflain, sell, convey and confirm unto 1�I8,11r3.C8 Horton and Oli�e HOP�r0I1� husbana AZtd W�fA� <br /> as JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenunts in common; ihe �'ollowing decribed real estate situate in the County of $g].1 and <br /> State of Nebra.ska to-wit: <br /> The East H�lf of the North Aalf (�N�) of 7rc►t Twc� (2) of Yaatine's Subdivision� located on part of the <br /> Northwest �uarter (ld��) of Section Twenty-two (22) in Town�hip n.e4en (11), Idorth, Rax�e Nine (9), [�eat <br /> of the 6th P. M. as surveyed, p3atted and recorded; . . <br /> (�5,50 I.R, Stamps) <br /> (Can�celied ) <br />� <br /> together with all the tenements, hereditaments, and appurlenances to t�ie same belonging, and all the estate, title, dower, riqht of �omestead, clnim or clemnnd whatsoever of <br /> the said c�rantor 6, of,in or to the same,or nny part thereof; subject to unpaid balaxice Of origixial $3�00 IIIOT�.gAgB lOSIl in fa�or Of �$@ <br /> Fquitable Building And I,oan Assoeiatian dated Sep�ember �+, i9�+6, a,nd unpaid b�lanee of original $500 mortgage loaa <br /> iu favor of said Association bearing date No4ember 19, 19�+�, r�hich said mortgages grantees hereia s�sume and agree <br /> to pa,� as part considerati4n hereof; said balan.ces being $2635.67 and $�+��.52 reepeetively; <br /> IT BEING THE INTENTION OF ALL PARTIES HERETO, THAT IN THE EVENT OF THE DEATH OF E11'HER OF SAID GRANTEES THE <br /> ENTIRB FBB SIMPLE TITI,E TO THE REAL ESTATE DESCRIBED HEREIN SHALL VEST IN THE SURVIVING GRANTEE. <br /> TO I3AVE AND TO HOLD the above described premises, with the appurtenances, unto the said grantees as JOINT TENANTS, and not as tenants in common, <br /> ancl to their assigns, or to the heirs and assigns oF tl�e survivor of them, forever, and �1e the c�rantor $ named herein for OU.T881988 <br /> and OLLr heirs, executors, and administrators, do covenant witTt the grantees named herein and with their assigns and with lhe heirs and assigns of the <br /> suruivor of theni, that X@ A1@ lawfully seized of said premises; that they are free from incumbrance except as stated herein,ancl that Ke <br /> the said grantor8 haYA good ric�ht and lawful autliority to sell the same, and tliat �e will and �� heirs, executors <br /> ancl aclministrators shall warrant an� defend the same unto the grantees named herein and unto their assigns and unto the heirs and assigns of the survivor of them, forever, <br /> against the lawful claims of ull persons whomsoever, excluding the ezceptions named herein. <br /> IN WITN$SS WHEREOF pg have hereunto set p� hand g this �Q}�h dny <br /> of A,�t .A. D.19�8 - <br /> i In presence of <br /> C. �. Grund.� David I�utz <br /> 8ose �nt� <br /> STATE OF R��ra$� SS On t/iis �jQ�i day of ,A,U�USt A. D. 19�8 , before me, a 1\'otary Public in ancl for said <br /> County of Het�.l } County, personally came the above named Da4id �itz alfld Rt�86 �Yl�i2� eaCl1 in'their O`TI1 P�g�it� �tF14� <br /> as husband aad wife, . <br /> who �e persoriallv kriown t� me to Le the identical person S u�liose name$ &r0 nf f ixed to lhe abot�e <br /> inslrumenl us c�rantor g , and tih@3t uclznowledyed said irislrument to be their <br /> voluntary act and deecl. <br /> WITNESS my hand and Notarial Seal the date Iast aforesaid. ' (�', $, (x'�� <br /> (S '�� 1Votary Publia <br /> NIy c.ommission expires on the �.9'�1 day of June A. D. 1�j0 <br />