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MOD 85--- <br />SECOND REAL ESTATE MORTGAGE (With Tax Clause) <br />KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That GLENDALL W. THOMAS AND BETTY A. TH( <br />wife, of Hall County, State of Nebraska, in consideration of the sum of 9 <br />in hand paid, du hereby SELL and CONVEY unto BANk OF WOOD RIVER, WOOD R11 <br />following described premises situated in Hall County, Nebraska: <br />0000.7 <br />faC.. M�tha,vl?a.ut <br />1. The Southeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter (SE ) Section Six M i''Ti sifip <br />Ten (10) North, Range Eleven (11), West of the Sixth P.M., Hall County, Ne1;i" `* a i'. <br />2. South Half of the Southeast Quarter (SJiSE?-,) of Section One (1), Tbwnshilp <br />North, Range Twelve (12), West of the Sixth P.M., Hall County, Nebraska;. g <br />a tract of land heretofore conveyed by Warranty Deed recorded in`.Book `, {gage <br />f� a 7}-a� gaeie4 -of the Deed fiords of <br />Hall County, Nebraska, and Jet" <br />3. West Half of the Northeast Quarrt'e'r� (W3904) of Section One (1) , Township Ten (10) <br />North, Range Twelve (12), West of the Sixth P.M., Hall County, Nebraska. <br />This mortgage is subject to the unpaid balance of a mortgage in favor of Equitable Life <br />Assurance Society of the United States. <br />The intention being to convey hereby an absolute title in fee simple, including all the <br />rights of homestead and dower. <br />TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the premises above described, with all the appurtenances <br />thereunto belonging, unto the said mortgagee and to his, her or their heirs and assigns <br />forever, provided always, and these presents are upon the express condition that if the <br />said mortgagor, his, her or their heirs, executors, administrators or assigns shall pay <br />_M-._&a, t�be-Rid to the said mortgagee, his, her or their heirs, executors, administrators <br />.:or assigns, the principal sum of 31•00o,00 payable as fo aas, o -wi <br />December 15, 1986 <br />E. <br />with interest according to the tenor and effect of the mortgagors written promissory <br />note bearing even date with these presents and shall pay all taxes and assessments levied <br />upon said real estate, and all other taxes, levies and assessments levied upon this mortgage <br />or the note which this mortgage is given to secure, before the same becomes delinquent, and <br />°keep the buildings on said premises insured for the sum of $ None loss, if any, payable <br />to t! said mortgagee. then these presents to be void, otherwise to FFe and remain in full <br />force. <br />IT IS FURTHER AGREED (1) That if the said mortgagor shall pay such taxes <br />or procure such insurance, the said mortgagee may pay such taxes and procure such insurance; <br />and the sum so advanced, with interest at 13 percent, shall be repaid by said mortgagor, <br />and thts mortgage shall stand as security or t e same. (2) That a failure to pay any of <br />said money, either principal or interest, when the same becomes due, or a failure to comply <br />with any of the foregoing agreements, shall cause the whole sum of money herein secured to <br />become due and payable. <br />SIGNED this 27th day of December, 19'x. <br />MITNDALL W.- THOMAS <br />\ ` <br />BETTY A. <br />ST SKA) <br />ss. <br />Y OF HALL ) <br />On this 27th day of December , 1984 before me, the undersigned, a Notary <br />Publ duly c ssioned anTqua a or sW county, personally came GIendall W. Thomas <br />and Betty A. Thoms, husband and wife, to me known to he the identical persons whose names <br />are affixed to the foregoing instrument and acknowledged the execution thereof to be their <br />voluntary act and <br />WITNESS my hand and notarial seal the day and year last above written. <br />o ary a tc <br />e <br />_L LURM <br />