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TRUST DEED <br />THIS TRIAT DEED, made this Nth stay of December . <br />be and between: <br />A Richard'A_ Carstens and'Gazie Z. Carstens, Husband and Wife <br />after Called - rmstoe- whose filing qtr is- <br />a� <br />a 1 F1 = � <br />�s <br />(a) Norrest Bank Grand Island Nationa 'Association , <br />A <br />address Is 202 West 3rd P.O. Box 1758 Grand Island <br />(C) _ st k Grand Island Wtional Association ,_ q <br />test IFT.-T.T.Box 1768. Grand Island, as <br />The irk being to convey hereby In absolute title in fee simple, including all the rights of homestead and <br />dower, togettw with all buildings, fixtures, Improvements and appurtenances thereunto belonging; and all of the <br />foregoing. together with are herein referred to as the "Property." <br />TrusW and Beeeftiary covenant and agree as follows: <br />