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SATISFACTION AND RELEASE AND DISCILAP(T' OF MORTGAGE LIEN <br />87 100017 <br />KNU9 ALL MEN BY T11ESE PRESENTS, Taht certain Indenture of Mortgage now awned by <br />the undersigned, EVANS PRODUCTS COMPANY <br />a corporation under the laws of the State of DELAWARE, which Mortgage <br />is dated the 14th day of APRIL 1973 , and made and executed by <br />LELAND H. EICKHOFF AND Mg1R=N J. EICIMFF as Mortgagors, to <br />EVANS PRODUCTS COMPANY as Mortga <br />gee, which Mortgage was filed and entered of record in the office of the Recor- <br />der in the County of FA, State of NEBRASKA <br />on the 24th day of APRIL 1973 in Hook 160 Page7/3 L �, <br />is with the indebtedness thereby secured, fully paid, satisfied and discharge, <br />and this Satisfaction shall be filled of record as provided by law, and shall <br />discharge the Mortgage herein mentioned in full; and the Recorder of said ins - <br />trumnt in said State and County is hereby authorized, derected and agpowered to <br />mark the records in his office that said Mortgage has been fully satisfied and <br />discharge of records; and the undersigned corporation, as owner and holder of <br />Mortgage, is authorized to execute this Satisfaction and Release and Discharge <br />of Mortgage Lien. <br />It] TESTITY)PY WIHi RDDF, the undersigned corporation has caused these presents to be <br />executed in its corporate name by duly authorized agent, and its corporate seal <br />to be hereunto affixed this 18th day of DECEMBER , 19 86. <br />Signal, and Sealed in the Presence <br />Wit-ness <br />Wi tliess <br />RECPRDERS MEM(k <br />(CORPORATE SEA) <br />Reg of Dr <br />SPATE OF FLORIDA <br />COUNTY OF DADE <br />On this 18 day of 0e`I,5¢r ,19i , before me a Notary Public in and <br />for laid County and State , personally appeared r°� Y Nt UR'r I <br />and RtAE41' FRc -EK , to me personally known bein dully sworn,did say that he <br />is the L r (E fR E S r D F ,,t and R r - ecf C r4Ty of the corporation named <br />in the oregoing instslmtent; that the seal affixed to said instrunent is the <br />corporate seal of said corporation; that the instrsnent was signed and sealed in <br />behalf of said corporation by authcrity of its `award of Directors; and that he <br />acknowledged said instrument to be the free t and deed f said orporation. <br />I:ot:ar� y c in arx for ai Cotult - }' <br />L THIS INSI'RLIME TT IS DRAFTED BY State, Residing in 0,) E, <br />EVANS PRODl3CTS CCtTPANY <br />2450 I;nId.YL ioD BL`;'P. SUITE 702 N017r/ !`•Otte, Stitt of /bri /• N L•tft• <br />HOLL.•ivx)OD, FIA. 33020 r• c•raM:rA��t tl8f <br />I <br />