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87- 10000$ <br />WARRANTY DEED <br />ROGER DALE SPLATTSTOESSER and PEGGY SUE SPLATTSTOESSER, <br />Husband and Wife. Grantors, in consideration of ONE DOLLAR <br />($1.00), and other good and valuable consideration, receipt of <br />which is hereby acknowledged, convey to the SECRETARY OF HOUSING <br />AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT, His Successors and Assigns, Grantee, the <br />following described real estate (as defined in Neb. Rev. Stat. <br />Sec. 76 -201) in Hall County, Nebraska: <br />Lot Eighteen (18), Piper's Glen Subdivision, being a <br />Subdivision of Lots Eight (8) and Nine (9), Warren <br />Subdivision, in the City of Grand Island, Hall County, <br />Nebraska. <br />This deed is an absolute conveyance, the Grantors having sold <br />said land to the Grantee for a fair and adequate consideration, <br />such consideration, in addition to that above recited, being full <br />satisfaction of all obligations secured by the Mortgage executed <br />by Roger Dale Splattstoesser and Peggy Sue <br />Superior Mortgage, Inc., recorded on April 39 1981, as Document <br />No. 81- 1301668, in the Office of the Register of Deeds of Hail <br />County, Nebraska, which Mortgage was assigned to the BI Mortgage <br />Company, Inc., on April 3, 1981, and recorded as Document No. 81- <br />001743, and subsequently assigned to Western Securities Company <br />on May 19, 1982, and recorded as Document No. 82- 002464, and the <br />Note secured thereby. Grantors declare that this conveyance is <br />freely and fairly made, and there are no agreements, oral or <br />written, or other than this Deed between Grantors and Grantee <br />with respect to said land. <br />Grantors covenant with the Grantee that Grantors: <br />1. are lawfully seised of such real estate and that it is <br />free from encumbrances except easements, restrictions, and <br />zoning ordinances of record; <br />2. have legal power and lawful authority to convey the same; <br />3. warrant and will defend the title to the real estate <br />against the lawful claims of all persons. <br />EXECUTED 2. `^ . 1986. <br />Roger Dale/Splattstoesser <br />ggy Sue Splattstoesser <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA ) <br />) SS. <br />COUNTY OF HALL > <br />The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me on <br />1986, by Roger Dale Splattstoesser and Peggy Sue <br />Splattstoesser. <br />Notary Public <br />��IA.111os <br />AXAMMEMT ATTAM-.. *am 1� <br />cT„!,yr, TAX <br />x::,11 :''?817 <br />� `�Y <br />