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L <br />86 - i000?4 <br />MMW.,AGE LOAN NO. L -4044r, <br />KNOW ALL MEN IKY711ESErRESENIS:71M Bcunleuth Phengthongsavath and Inthava Phengthcngsavath, <br />each in his and her town right <br />and as spouse of each other, Mogg"w, whether one or more, is eon" utim of the siss of <br />tfi.e hen Thntvt:Aeir AW M/100 DOLLARS <br />lamed go said .m a by The FANitabie Sold* and hunk Association of Grand Island. Nebraska, Mor1VW, upoe 120 shores of stock of <br />aid ASSOCIATM, Catifmie No. L 24,445 do hereby gent, c covey and mortgage onto the said ASSOCIATION the following <br />dewaiad' ad estate, situated in Hay County. Nebraska: <br />Lot One (1) in Block Sixty Four (54) in Wheeler and <br />Bennett's Second Addition to the City of Grand Island, <br />Ha 11 County, Nebraska. <br />together with all tic tenements, hereditamemts and appurtenances thereunto belonging, including attached floor coverings, all window screens, <br />window shades, blinds, storm windows, awnmp, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing and water equipment and accessories thereto, pumps, stoves, <br />w(rionaters, and other fixtures and equipment now or hereafter attached to or used In connection with said real estate_ <br />And whereas the said mon"or has agreed and does hereby agree that the mortgagor *0 and will pry all taxes and aneateots levied or <br />seaed nptu aid Mum and upwt this fflw ge and the bond secured thereby before the same shall become delinquent: to furnish approved <br />insurance upon the buMugs on said premises situated in the sum of S 12, 000.00 Pay" to said ASSOCIATION and to deliver to said <br />ASSOCIA710N the policies for said insurance; and not to commit or permit any waste on or about said premises: <br />In caw of default in the perfotuance of any of the terms and conditions of this mortgage or the bond teamed , the <br />hereby, mortgagee sly, <br />oe demand, be entitled to irmoediate possession of the mortgaged premises and the mortgagor hereby astigas, transfers and sets over to the <br />ngttpp , all the rents, revenues and income to be derived from the rnortgaged premises during such time as the mortgage indebtedness shay tetmo <br />tetpaid: and the sort pW shall have the power to appoint any apcni or agents it may desire for the ptupow of repairing said premises and renting <br />the sate: and collecting the rants, revenues and Income, and it may pay out of said income all expenses of repairing aid premises and neeesry <br />tomes000m and expenes incurred in renting and managing the same and of collecting rentals therefrom: the balance rrnriaing, if any, to be <br />applied toward the discharge of said mortgage indebtedness; these rights of the mortgagee may be exercised at any time daring the existence of such <br />default, irrespective of any temporary waives of the same. <br />These Presents, however, are upon the Condition. That if the said Mortgagor shall repay said loan on or before the maturity of said shares by <br />payment; pay monthly to said ASSOCIATION of the sum specified in the Bond secured hereby as interest and principal on said ban, on or before <br />the Twentieth day of each and every month. until said loan is fully paid; pay ill taxes and assessments levied agaiml said Vienntiaes and on this Mortgage <br />and the Bond seared thereby, before delinquency; furnish approved insurance upon the buildings thereon In the sum of S 12, 000.00 payable <br />to said ASSOCIATION: repay to said ASSOCIATION upon demand all money by it paid for such taxes, anessments aed imoaanee with interest at <br />the taaximum legal rate thereon from date of payment all of which Mortgagor hereby agrees to pay; permit no waste on said premix; keep and comply <br />with all the ageemmis and enditions of the Rood for S 12, () 0.00 this day g� by the said Mortgagor to said ASSOCIATION, sod o�y <br />with all the requoreateots of the Constitution and of said ASSOCIATION- then these presents that' become mall and void, otherwise they <br />ties ruses at fug face and may be foreclosed at the option of the said ASSOCIATION after false for three months to make any of said <br />payanats or be three months in arrears in making said monthly payments. or to keep and comply with the agreements sad coeditioms of said Bond; <br />and Mortgagor agree to have a receiver appointed forthwith in such foieclosum proceedings. <br />If there is any change In ownership of the real estate mortgaged herein, by ask or otherwise, then the entire retuning indebtedness hereby <br />eased shall, at the option of The Fgaitable Building and Loan Association of Grand Island. Nebraska. become numedolely due and payable without <br />further notice. and the auoumt remaining due under said bond, and any other bond for any additional advances made thienwader, shay, froo the <br />date of eaatiae laid option, hear littered at the maximum kph rate, and this mortgage my then be foreclosed to sstitfy the asnamt due on said <br />houCtied my ode band for additional advances. together with all smut paid by said The Equitable Building and Low Association of Crud Island, <br />Nebaata for isiraeee, tam and asesmerns. and abstracting extension charges, with fate" thereon, from date of paymen t at the taaxiaetm <br />dept rule. <br />As pnovidel in the Boxed senaued hereby, while this mortgage remains in effect the mortgagee may hereafter advance additional am to the <br />milms of toad Bond, their assignor successors it interest, which sums sha0 be within the security of this mon gage the same as the funds originally <br />avenged thereby, the total of principal debt not to exceed at any time the original amount of this mortgage. <br />Deed t dpy of r December A. n.. tV 85 <br />STATF. OF NEBRASKA, st. on thus 31st day of Decer ber 1985 before me. <br />COONIY OF: HALL <br />i3GAYt Youth Pete thD savath steel Inthava Phan ththe undmefpmed a Notary Public In and (of said Conmty, personayyaaue <br />ix� ng g ongsavath each in tuy�a>an�e r °hstiotii�Yotrrh�i jo as <br />f ach the <br />-j— e o r, <br />rte to be the ideatipl person g whom name S aM affixed to the ahem nnatrument as nwtrgagot S and they severally <br />adreuwMiged tfne surd mstrmmfavnt t <r lre thej,r volunlary act and deed. <br />t111T M-- trey hand sod Ncaarah "real the date sttwesaxi % <br />My Cofornttwna expirva,4"', i,1; fr ;P. e 1 <br />"kMsow lim10 straos Smary Public <br />w 4 J <br />i <br />