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86-100017 <br />E L E C T R I C A L E A S E M E N T <br />KENNETH H. PISTULKA and SHIRLEY A. PISTULKA, Husband and <br />Wife, herein called Grantor, in consideration of <br />Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00), receipt of which is <br />hereby acknowledged, hereby grants and conveys unto the <br />CITY of GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA, <br />a municipal corporation in Hall County, Nebraska, herein called <br />Grantee, a permanent and perpetual easement and right -of -way to <br />survey, construct, inspect, maintain, repair, replace, extend, <br />remove, and operate thereon, overhead and underground electric <br />power lines, transformers, terminals, cables, surface markers, <br />and other appurtenances connected therewith, in, upon, above, <br />along, across, underneath, and through the Easterly five (5.0) <br />feet of Lot Thirteen (13), Bishop Heights Third Subdivision, a <br />subdivision in the City of Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska; <br />said tract of land containing 0.023 acres, more or less as shown <br />on the plat dated 12/17/85, marked Exhibit "A ", attached hereto, <br />and incorporated herein by reference. Together with all rights <br />of ingress and egress for installation and maintenance of such <br />overhead and underground electric power lines and appurtenances. <br />Such rights of ingress and egress shall include all rights <br />necessary for the full and complete use, occupation, and <br />E <br />enjoyment of the easement herein granted, including but not <br />limited to the right to excavate and refill ditches and trenches; <br />to remove trees, bushes, hedges, undergrowth, and other W <br />obstructions interfering with the location, construction, <br />inspection, repair, replacement, removal, and maintenance of such <br />overhead and underground electric power lines. <br />The parties hereto agree that the Grantor may continue to <br />use the easement area herein granted for any use permitted by <br />law, that does not interfere with the operation and maintenance <br />of the overhead and underground electric power lines and <br />appurtenances constructed therein. This easement shall run with <br />the title to such tract of land; and be binding on the Grantor, <br />and all heirs, devisees, executors, administrators, grantees, <br />successors, and assigns. <br />Dated /,? -- 4%4�17- , _- <br />Kenneth H. Pistulka <br />( Shirley A. Pistulka <br />GRANTOR. <br />