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100016 <br />MORTGAGE - --' _ <br />MORTGAGE LOAN NO. 1417_899 FHA. <br />Gauthier and Shari Gauthier, each in his <br />Mortgagor, whether one or more, in consideration of the sum of <br />and bier overt q asspouse of each other, __ _ <br />right atixi r,ii arr�?4�10�.- --_ """"'.�'. � --- -notLAtzs <br />Five 1TL -yam drib, y T'� Si =tV <br />laaued to sad mortp@Or by The Equitable Building and Loan Association of Grand Island, Nebraska. Mortgagee, upon 54 shares of stock of <br />aid ASSOCIATION, Certificate No. L HI -622 FHA , do hereby grant, convey and mortgage unto tie said ASSOCIATION the following <br />described real estate, situated in Has County, Nebraska: <br />The Southerly one Half (S�) of Lots Nine (9) and Ten <br />(10), in Block One (1), in Bartling's Subdivision, <br />located on part of Lot Fifteen (15) of the County <br />Subdivision of the South Half of the Southeast <br />Quarter (SksEtx) of Secticn sixteen (16) , in Township <br />Eleven (11) North, Range Nine (9) West of the <br />Sixth P.M., and part of the Northeast Quarter of <br />the Northeast Quarter (NEkNE�) of Section Twenty -One <br />(21), in Township Eleven (11) North, Range Nine (9) <br />West of the Sixth P.M., Hall County, Nebraska. <br />together with all the tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging, including attached floor coverings, all window s rto ll, <br />window shades, blinds, storm windows, awnings, heating, air conditioning, and plumbing and water equipment and accessories thereto - Pumps, stoves, <br />refrigerators, and other fixtures and equipment now or hereafter attached to or used in connection with said real estate. <br />And whereas the said mortgagor has agreed and does hereby agree that the mortgagor shall and will pay all taxes and assessments kvied or <br />assessed upon said premises and upon this mortgage and the bond secured thereby before the able same shall ASSOCIATION delinquent; <br />and to deliver to said <br />insurance upon the buildings on said premises situated in the sum of S5 360.64 Pay <br />ASSOCIATION the policies for said insurance; and not to commit or pe4lt any waste on or about said premises; <br />In case of default in the performance of any of the terms and conditions of this mortgage or the bond secured hereby, the mortggee shall, <br />on demand, be entitled to immediate possession of the mortgaged premises and the mortgagor hereby assigns, transfers and sets over to the <br />mortgagee an the rents, revenues and income to be derived front the mortgaged Premises doting such time as the mortgage indebtedness and renting <br />unpaid; and the mortgagee shall have the power to appoint any agent or agents it may desire for the purpose of repairing said Premises and renls►g <br />the same and collecting the rents, revenues and income, and it may pay out of said income all expenses of repairing said premises and necessary <br />commissions and expenses incurred in renting and managing the same and of collecting rentals therefrom; the balance retuaining, if any, to be <br />applied toward the discharge of said mortgage indebtedness; these rights of the mortgagee may be exercised at any time during the existence of such <br />default, urespective of any temporary waiver of the same. <br />These Presents, however, are upon the Condition, That if the said Mortgagor shall repay said loan on or before the maturity of said slates by <br />payment: pay monthly to said ASSOCIATION of the sum specified in the tkond secured hereby as interest and principal on said loan, on or before <br />the Twentieth day of each and every month, until said loan is fully paid; pay all taxes and assessments levied against said premises and on this Mortgage <br />and the Bond secured thereby, before delinquency. furnish approved insurance upon <br />the buildings thereon in the sum of S S, 360.64 payable <br />to said ASSOCIATION; repay to said ASSOCIATION upon demand all money by at paid for such taxes, assessments and tnsuratice with interest at <br />the maximum legal rate thereon from date of payment ail of which Mortgagor hereby agrees to pay; permit no waste on said premises; keep and comply <br />with all the agreements and conditions of the Bond for S 5,.3 60. 64 this day given by the said Mortgagor to said ASSOCIATION, and wmPIY <br />with L11 the requirements of the Constitution and By -IAws of said ASSOCIATION; then these presents shall become mill and void, otherwise they of UW <br />shag retrain in full force and may be farecloted al de option of the said ASSOCIATION after with lure for ethree and conditions of any Band; <br />payments or be three months to arrears in making said monthly Payments, or to keep and comply ag <br />and Mortgagor agrees to have a receiver appointed forthwith in such foreclosure Proceedings. <br />If there is any change in tranership of the real estate mortgaged herein, by sale or otherwise, then the entire remaining indebtedness hereby <br />accrued d", at the option of The Equitable Building and Loan Association of Grand Island, Fkbnaska,become immediately due and payable without <br />further notice, and the amount remaining due under said bond, and any other bond for any additional advances tirade thereunder. doll. from the <br />dale of exercise, of said uptiom, bear interest at the maximum legal rate, and this mortgage may then be foreclosed to satisfy the amount due on said <br />bo W,mtd any other bond for additi anal advances, logetiitr with all sums paid by said The Equitable Building and Loam Association of Grand Island. <br />lWltaeka for inauratwc, taxes and awing tents, and abstracting extension charges, with interest thereon, from date of payment at the maximum <br />lewd rate. <br />As provided in the Bond secured hereby, while this mortgage remams in effect the mortgagee may hereafter advance additional slra to the <br />mdiera of amid , tfteir astgts or sttec assn m est, which sums shall be. within the security of this mortgage the same as the funds originally <br />total amount of *)t to exceed at any time the original amount of this mortgage. <br />Weaved thy _ to 7 / ; December A. D., 19 85 <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA. sv <br />COUNTY OF HALL <br />Francis J. Gauthier ar <br />each outer, <br />me to be the Identical person e • <br />acknowledged the aid nu lutnent to be <br />W1T1'flsSi myt„lwf'sI <br />26th day of <br />eac <br />h <br />December 1985 ,beforeme, <br />ta <br />the undersigned, a Nory Public in and lot said County, PmrotnBY tams: <br />in his and her own !stand a '_"to <br />altized to the shove instrument as norigagot S <br />volurnary act and decd <br />the date aloresaid , <br />and they wvenlh <br />f : Notary Public <br />Iff <br />