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166 <br />ae 100015 <br />ASSIGNMENT OF DEED OF TRUST <br />KNOW PILL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS, that Norwest Bank Nebraska, National <br />Assignor for, good and valuable consideration to it in Association <br />iiand-]*i'd by tha,:Nibraska Investment Finance Authority, <br />organized under the laws of the State of Nebraska <br />(,"Assignee"), the receipt of which consideration is hereby <br />acknowledged, does hereby assign, transfer and set over unto <br />Assignee all its rights, title and interest in and to that <br />certain Deed of Trust executed by Kenneth D. Johnson & Shirley A. Johnson husband <br />wife <br />unto Norwest Bank Nebraska, Nations 41t <br />4WMc. alrdn dated January 2nd <br />1986, . covering the following-descR536 real property located <br />in the County of Hall State of Nebraska: <br />Lot Eleven (11J Ross First Subdivision, in the City of Grand Island, Hall <br />County, Nebraska. <br />and filed for record in the Office of the Register of Deeds <br />Of Hall County, Nebraska on the 2nd day of January 1 <br />19 86 and appearing of record as 'Doc. # 86-100014 together <br />with the note(s) and indebtedness described in and secured by <br />the instrument aforesaid. <br />TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the said Nebraska <br />Investment Finance Authority and unto its successors and <br />assigns forever. <br />THIS ASSIGNMENT IS MADE expressly subject to and in <br />accordance with the warranties and representations of <br />Assignor with Assignee pursuant to a certain Mortgage Loan <br />Origination Agreement between Assignor and Assignee, a copy <br />of which is on file in the Office of Assignee. <br />EXECUTED AND DELIVERED this 2nd day of January <br />19 8& <br />M <br />T- <br />N"rWi-st Rank Nebraska National Association <br />(Name of Assignor ) <br />ZZ <br />ATT 't <br />By <br />Title As5lStant Vice-presiden <br />j <br />"ZT0ft OF NEBRASKA I <br />SS. <br />COUNTY OF Hall <br />The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this <br />2nd day Of January 1986 by Margaret M. Dillon of NorwIst lNk Ne�raTka, <br />ssoc at on <br />the Assignor, a Nebraska corporation or association, ona <br />behalf of the corporation or association. <br />WITNESS my hand and notarial seal at my office in said <br />Hall County at Grand Island this 2nd day of January <br />19 866 <br />*Wm W�Affff -SN" <br />p*J%'0A R, SANW <br />Cjt* -4.tWl <br />comm. EA IV" 190 Notary Public <br />My Cosraission expires <br />v0WA, qW. <br />41 VA <br />