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ral MORTGAGE Ss - 10000$ <br />a , ox.w in eml tee <br />I Donald E Scroggs & Patricia S. Scroggs hereby give COMMERCIAL FEDERAL <br />sowo.wY+ro9d+o.wr•s ww" Wd 711W A0111IM01W <br />SAVWM AND LOAN ASSOCIATION (C,omrnerciat) a mortgage on the following property: <br />Lot Five (5) in Hidden Lakes Subdivision, Number Two (2) being a part of the Southeast <br />Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (SURE'.) and part of the North Half of the Northeast <br />Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (N;%?NR,,SE1j of Section Thirteen (1�) Township Eleven <br />(11) North, Range Nine (9) West of the 6th P.M., in Hall County, Nebraska. <br />it more than one person signs this mortgage, the word "i" means "we ". <br />This mortgage secures a loan made by Commercial. A note dated the same date as this mortgage contains the terms <br />for repayment of that ban. it that note is ever changed or replaced by a new note, it will 56N be secured loll this mortgage <br />I promise the following things: <br />1. All payments on any note or other debt secured by this mortgage will be paid when due. <br />2. An insurance policy for fire and extended coverage will be kept in force on the property in an amount at least equal <br />to the debris secured by this mortgage plus any other mortgages listed in paragraph 6. The insurance cornpany must <br />be satisfactory to Commercial, and Commercial will be a named insured on the policy. <br />3. All taxes and assessments on the property will be paid before they become delinquent. <br />4. No waste will be committed on the property, and it will be kept in good repair. <br />5. The property will not be sold (including by land contract), leased, and no interest in it will be assigned in any wzy. <br />6. t n the iree and clear of a er molt es Qr um Wes except L <br />"r�1ng� an - acc3gned i ° tssocia s Nal1onal Mortage on t „r ';0 <br />7. No other mortgage or lien on the property will ever be allowed to be in default or be foreclosed. <br />If any of these promises are not kept, then Commercial can declare all of the debt immediately due and payable without <br />advance notice. The interest rate will increase to 19.00°% or any greater rate allowable by law at that time, and this mortgage <br />can be foreclosed. If the debt is accelerated, then I also assign any rent or other income fro m the property to Commercial. <br />Certain amounts can be paid by Commercial and added to the debt secured by this mortgage. They are any taxes or <br />insurance i have agreed to pay but fail to. any attorney fees or court expenses Commercial pays if it is made a party to <br />any legal action brought by someone else concerning the property, and any attorney fees or court expenses which the law <br />might allow H Commercial has to go to court against me to collect the debt or foreclose this mortgage. If any of these things <br />happen, then the additional debt will accrue interest at the same rate as the rest of the debt and must be paid immediately. <br />It this property is ever condemned under the power of eminent domain or any similar method of taking property for public <br />use, any proceeds of the taking will be paid to Commercial up to the full amount of the debt secured. <br />nprpmhpr 27, <br />iDOSrs Ca¢ ..:.&,rrcwe� s S•9r'dlJri! <br />STATE OF NEg SKA ) <br />COUNTY OF ) ss. <br />On this �,y of . 19 before me. a notary public in and for said county. <br />personally ca 0nd JCrOggS an Patricia CrO S to me known to be the identical person or <br />persons whose name is or names are affixed td the above mortgage. and they. he or she severally acknowledged the said <br />Instrument and the execution thereof to be their voluntary act and deed. <br />WITNESS my hand and notarial seal the day and year last above written. <br />RICHARD VAN ZA" <br />GENERALNOTARY •Stetaoi Now <br />My commission expires — Ca""' lrn.tL19N -- <br />cr z� <br />ari „ as <br />u <br />