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afDRTGAGE — i 000 i <br />is entered into between Steven Z Husen, A Single Person <br />1111MortgaW) and <br />Five Points Bank Grin "�Mo "3 <br />is indebted to Mort ee in the .Principal sum of $ - s - noo -on , evidenced by Mortgagor's note <br />martigagor dsRed f ;� 1 SS ( berein "Note ",) ;providing for payments of Principal and interact, with the balance ait3re <br />am, ifnot .aooner paid, due•and'payable in' 6/29/86 <br />Teseamthepaymentof the Note, with interest as provided therein, the . payment of all other sums, with interest, <br />&*eaMWi lsy Mortpagee to ;Qcotect the security of this Mortgage, and the performance of the covenants and gr eements cif <br />the Mcgr �s�r contained herein, Mort agor does hereby mortgage and convey to Mortgagee the <br />property :located in Hal I County, Nebraska: <br />A tract of land comprising a part of the Northeast Quarter of the :Southeast Quarter ('NE.SE) of <br />Section :Twenty Seven (27) Township Eleven (11) North, Range Nine (9) West of the 6th P.M. in Hall <br />County, Nebraska, more particularly follows: Beginning at the northeast corner of <br />said Southeast Quarter (SEW; thence southerly along the east line of said Southeast Quarter (SEi) <br />a distance of Six Hundred Eighty Four and Forty Four Hundredths ( 684.44) feet; . thence deflecting <br />right 91'044'38"' -and running westerly, a distance of Five Hundred Ninety One and Nineteen Hundredths <br />,(591_19`) feet; thence deflecting heft 1702$'16" and running southwesterly, a distance of Eighty Five <br />and`,Seven Tenths ($5.7) feet; thence deflecting 53 °54138" and running southwesterly, a istance of <br />One Hundred Forty and Six Tenths (14G.6) feet; thence deflecting right 70 °52'31" and running west - <br />ery, a distance of Five Hundred Ninety and Ninety -One Hundredths (590.91) feet to the west line <br />of said Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NE.SM ), thence northerly along the west line <br />of said Northeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter (NE #SE;), a distance of Eight Hundred Forty and <br />Sixteen Hundredths (840.16) feet to the northwest corner of said Northeast Quarter of the South - <br />- east Quarter (NEiSE4); thence easterly along the north line of said Southeast Quarter (SE:), a <br />distance of one Thousand Three Hundred Eleven and Ninety -five Hundredths (1,311.95) feet to the <br />place of beginning and containing 22.811 acres more or less. wars easements. rights, privileges and <br />Together with all buildings, improvements, fixtures, streets, alleys, passage fits, reversions and remainders <br />appurUmauces located thereon or in anywise pertaining thereto, and the rentss issues and pro <br />themot; including, but not limited to, heating and codling equipment and such personal property that is attached to the <br />impsovemmts so as to constitute a fixture; all of which, including replacements and additions thereto, is hereby declared <br />to be a part of the real estate secured by the lien of this Mortgage and all of the foregoing being referred to herein ac the <br />..may "• <br />Mortgagor further convenants and agrees, with Mortgagee, as follows: <br />1. payment. To pay the indebtedness and the interest thereon as provided in this Mortgage and the Note. <br />2. Title. Mortgagor is the owner of the Property, has the right and authority to mortgage the Property, and <br />warrants that the lien created hereby is a first and prior lien on the Property. except as may otherwise be set forth herein. <br />Five Points Bank <br />0 The property is subjext to a Mortgage wherein ___ -- __- - - -. -- - - -- -- <br />83- 44- 3 of the Mortgage Records; of <br />is the Mortgagee, recorded at k D, #__ -- - - - - -- <br />Nebraska, which Mortgage is a lien prior to the lien created hereby. <br />0 Other prior liens or encumbrances:.- ___ - - - --- - - - - - -- <br />County, <br />g, Taxes, Aweanaents, To pay when due all taxes, special assessments and all other charges against the Property <br />under the Note secured hereby, such amount as <br />and, upon written demand by Mortgagee, to add to the payments required <br />be NUM cient to enable the Mortgagee to pay such taxes, assessments or other charges as they become .due. <br />taay <br />4w Ia %weice. To keep the improvements now or hereafter located on the real estate described herein insured <br />Spinal damage by fire and such other hazards as Mortgagee may require, in amounts and with companies acceptable to the <br />the Mortgagee. In case of loss under such policies the MortgageK is authorized to <br />!Mortgagee, and with Iota payable to <br />adjust, collect and compromlar, in its discretion, all claims thereunder at its sole option, authorized to either apply the <br />to the re dorati" of the Property or upon the indebtedness secured hereby, but payments hereunder shall con - <br />promede <br />tiane until the sum wrured hereby are paid in full. <br />5. 0 E4ct*w For Toes and to mrance, Notwithstanding anything contained in paragraphs 3 and 4 hereof to the <br />contrary, Monpgor shall pay to the Mortgagee .at the time of paying the monthly installments of principal and interest, <br />and ground rents (if any) which may attain a <br />one- twelfth of the yeady taxes, maosameats, hazard insurance premiums, <br />play ow this Mort1w. all as ,reasonably estimated from time to time by the Mortgagee. The amounts so paid shell be <br />Mo"OkSee withoul interest and to the payment of the items in respect to which such amounts were <br />held by the .applied <br />pepes"L The sums paid to Mortgagee hereunder are pledged as additional security for the indebtedness secured by this <br />1Margys UWtdagor shall pay to Mortgagee the amount of any deficiency between the actual taxes, assessments, insurance <br />rents and the deposits hereunder within 10 dnys after demand is made upon Mortgagor requesting <br />preral im and !round <br />payment hereof. <br />ggg r <br />S. pbpur, Maintenseice and Use. To prmnptly repair, restore or rebuild any buildings or improvements now or <br />keep tht Property in condition and repair, without waste, and free from mechanic's or <br />J <br />b"ftfter on the Property; to good <br />other liens not expressly subordinated to the lien hereof; not to make, suffer or permit asp nuisance to exist., nor to dintin <br />wh or impair tare value or t•tre Property fry any' net or omtesion to net.. and to complg with nit rryuireanrnts of taw with <br />rasped !tr the Property. <br />