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<br />88-107093 <br /> <br />(Spoco -.. _ Uno Fot Reconfln& DoUoJ <br /> <br />DEED OF TRUST <br /> <br />TIDS DEED OF TRUST ("Security Instrument") is made on December 3D <br />19 88, The trustor is Richard R. Frogge and Elsie Mae Frogge. Husband and Wife <br />("Borrower"). The trUbtee is AREND R. BAACK, lIllomey ("Truotee"). <br />The beneficiary is HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA, which is <br />orgenized end existing under the lawe of NEBRASKA, and whose addrees is 221 South Locuel, Grand lelend, <br />88801 ("Lender"), <br />Borrower owes Lenderlhe principal sum of Forty Three Thousand Seven Hundred and no/1oo-------- <br />-------------------------- Do1lars(U.S, S 43.700.00 ). This debt is evidenced by Borrower'snole <br />dated the same date as this Security Instrument ("Note"), which provides for monlhly payments, wilh the full debt, if not <br />paid earlier, due and payable on January 1. 2019 <br />This Securily Instrumenl secures 10 Lender: (a) Ihe repaymenl of the debt evidenced by the Note, with interest, alld all <br />renewals, extenSions and modifications; (b) the payment of all other sums, with interest, advanced under paragraph 7 10 <br />protect the security of this Securily Instrument; and (c) the performance of Borrower's covenants and agreements. For this <br />purpose, Borrower irrevocably grants and conveys to Trustee, in trust, with power of sale, the following descn'bed property <br /> <br />located in Hall Counly, Nebraska: <br /> <br />Lot Twenty Six (26), 8lock Seven (7), Unit One (1), Continental Gardens. an <br /> <br />Addition to the City of Grand Island. Hall County, Nebraska. <br /> <br />which has the address of <br /> <br />#26 St. James <br />IS_) <br /> <br />Grand Island <br />[Cily) <br /> <br />Nebrtska <br /> <br />68803 <br /> <br />(ZOl "-I <br /> <br />TOGETHER Wlllf all the improvements now or heRafter erected on the property, and all easements, rights, <br />appurteaances, rents, royalties, minertl, oil and gas rights and profits, water rights and stock and all fixlures now or <br />hereafter a put of the property, All replacements and additions shall also be covered by Ihis Security Instrumenl. All of the <br />forqaina is referred to in this Securily Inslrumenl as the "Property." <br /> <br />IIoaaOWEll CoVENANTS thaI Bo:rower is lawfully seised of the eslale hereby conveyed and has the right 10 grant <br />and coavey the'Property and that the Property is unencumberal, except for encumbrances of ra:ord. Borrower warrants <br />and will defend ..,.....ny the title to the Property tpinst all claims and demands, subject to any encumbrances of ra:ord. <br /> <br />THIS SECURITY INSTRUMENT combines uniform covenants for netional use and ncm-unifonn covenants with <br />limited variations by jurisdicticm to constitute a unifonn securily instrument covering real property, <br /> <br />("Property Address"); <br /> <br />NtBRASlA--sontlo F"",,-,,-/FHUlC UlIIF_ IlISTtltIIIEJIT <br /> <br />Fonn 302e I2Ie3 <br /> <br />~~~F_.'" <br />'-"'51 <br /> <br />, I j .~ <br />