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<br />ACKN()WLEDGMENT <br /> <br />88-107092 <br /> <br />I/Wc, Richard R, FroQQe and Elsie Maa FroQqe. Husband and Wife ("Truslor") <br />undcr lhltccrt,in Llcc<IofT,usl in Ih~ original principal amount of Fortv ThrA" Thnl,""nrl !'jAIIAn H'lnrlr"rl <br />and no_10Ci- _ ;;,.;-.:;.::. .--------------------------------__________($ 4~. 7nn nn ) and datcd <br />December 3[';. 'Si3B (Dccd of Trust) to bc cntcrcd into among Trustor, <br />Arend R. Baack ("Trustcc") and HOME FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION <br />OF GRAND ISLAND ("Bcncficiary"), covcring thc followiog ~cscribcd propcrty: <br /> <br />Lot Twenty Six (26), Block Seven \7), Unit One (1), Continental Gardens. and <br /> <br />Addition to the City of Grand Island, Hall County. Nebraska, <br /> <br />hercby acknowledgc thaI it is undcrslood thaI (a) thc Dccd of Trust to be executed by Trustor is a trusl deed and not a <br />mortgagc and (b) Ihc powcr of sale provided for in the Dced of Trust provides substantially different rights and obligations to <br />the Trustor than a mortgage in the evcnt of a dcfault or breach of obligation. <br />Trustor acknowledges that this Acknowledgment was made prior to the execution of the Deed of Trust. - <br />Executcd and dclivcred this 30th day of December . 19~. <br /> <br /> <br />~s;;r~:~. C::;JY- <br /> <br />2 ~~ ;??iC-<~"- <br /> <br />Trust.r Els ie Mae Frogge <br /> <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA } <br />SS <br />COUNTY OF Hall <br /> <br />The forCjloing instrument was acknowledged before me this 30th <br />19~, by Richard R. Frogge and Elsie Mae FroQQe, Husband and <br /> <br />WitncssmyhandandnotarialseaI I Grand Island. Nebraska <br /> <br />My commission expires: <br /> <br /> <br />day of December <br />Wife <br />in said county, the dale aforesaid, <br /> <br />Qi~ '4;tn-flL/ <br /> <br />Notary Public <br />