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<br />88- <br /> <br />107089 <br /> <br />POWEll OF ATTORNEY <br /> <br />SELr1A J. HAUSflANN , a resident of <br />HR11 County, Nebraska, <br /> <br />r.rand Island <br /> <br />Prinei pa l, <br /> <br />desiring to estahlish a durahle power of attorney does hereby <br /> <br />appoint, constitute and designate <br /> <br />T a (' k L .llausmalUl- <br />l'layne '__ <br /> <br />Agent, <br /> <br />of wayne <br />County, Nebraska, <br /> <br />the lawful and true agent and attorney-in-fact for Principal and in <br />the name and stead and to the use of Principal to execute, deliver. <br />or otherwise give I~gal effect to any document. instrument, or <br />other paper, to transfer personal and real property or any interest <br />therein wherever located in Nebraska or elsewhere, to make any <br />decision or take any action without restriction as Principal might <br />do in person, and otherwise to exercise all authority and power <br />conferred by this 1'00H'r of Attorney. This Power of Attorney shall <br />. not he affected b)' disahiJ it)' of Principal. <br /> <br />DATED _?<!.~f~_.L:', ,/FJ-',f/ <br /> <br />IN Il'lT:-iESS WHEREOF, Pr i ncipa 1 has execu ted this Power of <br />Attorney. <br /> <br />~~ &, rJJ~~J~ <br /> <br />Selma J. Hausmann <br /> <br />STATL OF NEllllASK.\ <br /> <br />,COUNTY OF I~'-// , o'ss <br /> <br />On _ cR~ _ (/ /pj) J?' , before me, the undersigned, <br />a Notal")' I'uhli~; said county, personally appeared <br />Selma J. Hausmann , to me known to be the identical <br />lJ;",TI\-'TJuaY',\,'llo -['s -d':'s'T'i'h-c-J-i n--and who executed the foregoing Power <br />of Attorne)' "s I'rincipal, and acknowledged the execution thereof to <br />be ___.her \'olllntar\- act and deed, <br /> <br />lVitnl'ss 1111' "'I/Id and <br /> <br />Notarial Seal. <br /> <br />~O(~ <br />NO' .I\R' PUB IC <br /> <br />---1I1i1111b <br />"'.,ll!!!!1' L HOWAllD <br />-,.....11.. <br />