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<br />-J <br /> <br />State of Nebraska <br /> <br />Deed of Trust <br /> <br />) <br /> <br />FHA CBIO No. <br /> <br />Ji!H290919-'/o\ll <br /> <br />This Deed 01 Tru.l, ("~..' ,;~~' lostrumenl') is made on UeclItbfr JO th <br />]9 88 , The trustor Is "'\"'~'l A. REES Ind RQlA J, REES, IlJSIIlN) IN) WIFE <br /> <br />88- 107088 <br /> <br />COIlEIlCIIlL FEDERAL 1lIlY1N6S IN) LIIlW Association <br /> <br />(f1Borrower"). The trustee is <br /> <br />(IITrustc:e"). The beneficiary is <br /> <br />CCNTRIlL I(IRT~ CORPllRllTlON <br />under the laws of TIE STAlE If' MICllISlW , eod whose address is <br />3&800 SRIlTlOT, lIT. CLEIlENS, "I 480'tJ <br /> <br />, which is organized and existing <br /> <br />("Lendcr"), <br /> <br />Wltnesselh: That the Borrower in consideration of the debt and trust hereinafter described and created, and the sum of One Dollar <br />(51), to him in hand paid by the Trustee. the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, does by these presents grant, bargain and sell, convey <br />and confrrm, unto the Trustee, forever. all of the rcHawing described real estate. situated lying and being in the County of <br />tR.l . and State of Nebraska, [0 wit: <br />THE IlEST SmV-sEVEH IN) 1JiIE-IRf 167 1/21 FEET If' TIE EAST IJiIE IUWRED THIRTY-FIVE 11351 FEET (f' LOT THIRTEEN tl3) OF <br />lIE ~TY SUBDIVISION If' TIE WEST IIlLF (f' TIE SOUTHWEST lllMlRTER IWII~ SWl141 lI' 5a111Jj fiFTEEN 115), IN TOWNSHIP ELElJEN <br />till I<<IRTH, RIlN6E NlhE (9) WEST If' TIE SIXTH MI., IN HE em (f' 6R1lND lSUlND, HAlL COIJITY, hEIlRllSKll. <br /> <br />which has the address of <br /> <br />115 E. CHAll.ES <br /> <br />(.neet! <br /> <br />6R1lNO lSUlNIl <br /> <br />(eltyl <br /> <br />Nebraska <br /> <br />68801 <br />IZlp Codel <br /> <br />C'Propeny Address"); <br /> <br />To Have and To Hold the premises above described, with all the appunenances thereunto belonging and including all heating, plumbing <br />and lighting fIXtures and equipment now or hereafter attached to or used in connection with said real estate unto the Trustee, and to its <br />successors and assigns. forever. The Borrower represents to, and covenants with, the Trustee. that the Borrower has good right to sell and <br />convey said premises; that they arc free from encumbrance; and that the Borrower will warrant and defend the same against the lawful <br />claims of all persons whomsoever; and the said Borrower hereby relinquishes all rights of homestead, and all marital rights, either in law <br />or in equity, and all other contingent interests of the Borrower in and to the above-described premises, thc intcntion being to convey hereby <br />an absolutc titlc, in fee simple, including all rights of homestead, and other rights and interests as aforesaid. <br /> <br />Provided Alw.ys, and these presents are executed and delivered unto the Trustee, in trust, however for the foJlowing purposes: <br />Wbereas, the Borrower on the 30 th ' day of Decelber ,19 B8 . borrowed from the Lender <br />the sum of Toenty SiN ThoUSMld, Eight Hundred and NollOOths <br />Dollars ($ 26 800,00 ), for which <br />sum the Borrower has executed and delivered to the Lender Borrower's promissory note of even date, ~earin8 interest at the rate of <br />Eight and 88/100ths per centum (8.ll8O "I,) per annum on the unpaid balaoce until <br />paid. The said principal end interest shall be p3yeble at the office of <br />CCNTRIl. I(IRT~ CORPllRllllON <br />in 3&800 611l1T1OT, MT. CLEMENS, "I ~ ' or at such other place es the holder of the note <br />may designate in writing, in monthly installments of <br />TIIO Hundred Thiril!el\ and JJllooths <br />Dollars (5 213, JJ ), commeocing on the forst day of fearu ,19 89 ' end 00 the first day <br />of each month thereafter until the principal and interest are fully paid, except that the final ~7yment of principar and interest, if not sooner <br />paid, shall be due and payable on the first day of I':OPlII:r....y' 20 ]9. I r : i <br />This form Is used in connection whh mortgagaa insured llndllr the rOllr.famllv programs of the National Housing Act Ilrlclucling Sections 203lbl and (III which <br />require a One-TIme Mortgllge Inaurence Premium pllvrnent in accordance with the regulations for those programs. <br /> <br />G.. -4CINEI1UOllI VMP MORTGAGE FORM:a~~3~3~~9~.B'OO" 1800152'-7291 t;4CF~U2~-~.~~'1;1.DT.' 13.88 Edltionl <br /> <br />L <br />