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<br />107087 <br />RELEASE8~ MORTGAGE <br /> <br />In considemtfon o~ full pnyment nnd compU once wilh the conditions of n <br /> <br />mortgage <br /> <br />made by James 0, ",,~.:,'=;a:; and Colaen M. Goodwin, each in his 9nd her own right, <br />end as spouse of e<.,... o'Cner <br /> <br />to THE EQUITABLE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA, on the <br /> <br />following described property, to-wit: <br /> <br />Lot Two Hundrdd Forty-One (241) in Belmont Addition, <br />an Addition to the City of Grend Island, Hell County, <br />Nebreske, es Surveyed, Platted, and Recorded <br /> <br />RECOROERS ME/;: 7 d h.." S .6. <br />.---tC/ rA-/J ,..t( <br /> <br />,g ~/k,.~ /?7. 6'''''~i-1- <br />""77" <br />, _ulDeeds <br /> <br />which said mortgagt! bears date 11th day of April 19 BO , and <br />23rd dey of July BO <br />is recorded in :86l1Q(XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXll>l)tK~~~>>)tXJ{~XX <br />Oocument #BO-001563 Document #80-3741 <br />of the records of Hall County, Nebraska, said Association hereby acknowledges ti3'if'satisfaction of nnd releases the <br /> <br />same. <br /> <br />In witness whereof the soid THE EQUITABLE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF <br /> <br />GRAND ISLAND, NEBRASKA, has caused this instru ment to be signed by its President and attested by its <br /> <br /><. ,\ \\ \' (, '\ .',J <br /> <br />" <br /> <br />day of Oecember A.D., 1988 <br /> <br />The Equitable Building and Loan Assoc~tio~ ,om a land, ~ebrlSka <br />\ // <br />/ .x. '.:::.. S ...-vI <br />By. _ ___.___"'" _ ----__---------------\ <br />// . - President J. W. Olson <br /> <br /> <br />Atlest'_~.5.r3..h-./' ~ <br />secretarY~~ROUSh <br /> <br />Secretary this 30th <br /> <br />~ n ~\"'!.' <br /> <br />,~ : <br />'" <br /> <br />,'.' <br /> <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA} ss. <br />COUNTY OF HALL <br /> <br />On this 30th <br /> <br />day of December <br /> <br />A.D., 19 88 , before me, a Notary Public <br /> <br />duly commissioned and qualified for nnd residing in said county. personally came <br />Joanne G. Roush, <br /> <br />J. W, Olson and <br /> <br />to me known to be the identical persons whose names are affixed to the above release as President and Secretary <br /> <br />of said Association and acknowledged the said inslrume nt 10 be thoir voluntary act and deed and the voluntary <br /> <br />act and deed of the said THE EQUITABLE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF GRAND ISLAND, <br /> <br />NEBRASKA. <br /> <br />Witness my band and notarial the day and year last above written. <br /> <br />;} .J~ <br /> <br />,~ Notary Public <br /> <br />6L---''''1 <br />-.m_ <br />.....::In <br /> <br />{-: . -'!1 /0 y'c? <br />My commission expires .~~.::~~. <br />