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<br /> <br />88- <br /> <br />100051 <br /> <br />JOINT SURVIVORSHIP DEED - NEBRASKA <br />KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: <br /> <br />THAT Samuel R. Pierce, Jr. , Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, <br />of Washington, D. C., Grantor, in consideration of the sum of ONE DOLLAR ($1.00) and <br />other valuable considerations in hand psid, does hereby grant, bargain, sell 'and convey <br />unto Jeffrey T. Bourke and Kari K. Bourke <br /> <br />of Elm <br />as jo:l,nt tenants, and not as tenants in common, the <br />situate in the County of Hall <br /> <br />Creek, Nebraska , Grantees, <br />following described real propert\' <br />, State of Nebra!;;ka, to "d t: <br /> <br />Lot Three (3), except the Northerly Twenty Three (23) feet <br />thereof, Block Twelve (12), Claussen Country View Addition <br />to the City of Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska <br /> <br />NEBRASKA DOCUMENTARY <br />STAMP TAX <br />JAM 6 1988 <br /> <br />,.--oaT. A't[I\cr\\;.1.J <br />~\II. <br />- <br /> <br /> <br />~~ <br /> <br />BEING the same property acquired by the Grantor rursuant to thE' provlslons of the <br />National Housing Act, as amended (12 use 1701 et seq. \ and the Department of Ilousing and <br />Urban Development Act (79 Stat. 667). <br /> <br />T(x;ETIIER WITH all tenements, hereditaments and appurtenances theH'unto helonging, <br />and all the estate, riKht, title, interest, claim or demand whatsoever ~f the said <br />Grantor, of, ln, or to the same. or any part thereof. <br /> <br />IT BEING the intention of all parties hereto that in the event of the death of, <br />either of said Grantees, the entire fee simple title to the real estate described herein <br />shall vest in the surviving Grantee. <br /> <br />TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above described premises, with the appurtenances, unto the <br />sald C;rantees as Joint tenants, and;not as tenants in common, and to their assiKns, or <br />to the heirs snd assigns of the survivor of them, forever, and the said Secretary of <br />Housing and Urban Development. and for his successors and assigns, does covenant with <br />the Grantees herein named, and with their assigns and with the heirs, and assigns of the <br />survivor of them, that the said Grantor is lawfully seized of said premises; that they <br />are free from incumbrance; that the said (;rantor has good right and lawful authority <br />co sell the same, and that the said Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, will, <br />and his successors and assigns. shall. WARRANT and DEFEND the same unto the named Grantees <br />and unto their assigns and the heirs and assigns of the survivor of them, forever, against <br />the . lawful claims and demands of all persons claimin~ by, throu~h or under thl.m. and <br />against .no other claims or demands. ' <br /> <br />SUBJECT to all covenants, restrictions, reservations, eaSell1t'lIts, conditions and <br />'rights appeariug of record; and SUBJECT to any state of fac.ts an al'l'lJrilll' SUJ'vt!\' ,,,,"ld <br />show. <br /> <br />FHA FORM NO IUJ. J~O R...~. II. <br /> <br /> <br />""'I'~" <br />'t <br />: <br />~~J <br />if! <br />~-(-'i <br />...,;<" <br />.;.. <br /> <br /> <br />