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<br />88'~'u 1.00016 <br />RELEASE OF MORTGAGE <br /> <br />Dq - 22D - 09085:' <br /> <br />r- The NEBRASKA INVESTMENT FINANCE AUTHORITY (formerly known as the Nebraska Mortgage Finance Fund) hereby releases the <br />Mortgage of $ "iF! t ?OO 00 made by Daniel R. Olstad and Darcy R. Olstad. HIlRhrlnil r. wi fe <br /> <br />dated September 27 t 19~ and recofded in Book Page <br />83-005177 of the mortgage records of the Register of Deeds of Hall <br />Assignment to the NEBRASKA INVESTMENT FINANCE AUTHORITY was recorded in Book <br />or Instrument Number 83-005512 in said records. <br /> <br />or Instrument Number <br /> <br />County, Nebraska, which Mortgage <br />Page <br /> <br />. .~,~/t' ~d:5 <br />~~1. ~ ~ <br /> <br />~~ <br /> <br />Reg, of Deeds <br />NEBRAS~NVES;ME <br /> <br />By: )l , C <br />(j <br /> <br /> <br />Dated: <br />~ g,:;; <br /> <br />DEe 1 5 1987 <br /> <br />Title: <br /> <br />STATE OF NEBRASKA <br />COUNTY OF LANCASTER } SS: <br /> <br /> <br />19_ <br /> <br />DEe 1 5 1987 <br /> <br />~ <br /> <br />The foregoing instrument was acknowle <br />J,C.VVEDERGREN. DEPU <br /> <br />by <br /> <br />OF THE NEBRASKA INVESTMENT FINANCE AUTHORITY. a body pOlitic and corporate of the Slate of Nebraska. on behalf of the Nebraska <br /> <br />Investment Finance Authority. <br /> <br />Witness my hand and notorial seal at Lincoln, Nebraska in said county, t <br /> <br /> <br />NOTAR <br /> <br />My Commision Expires: ~ CIBL. .IDTMY-M" .....1 <br />5U1lo"N M. INC\mN <br />My CDma Ea. Sept. 2, 1.1 <br /> <br />Form W8EHl9 <br />NIFA 9/86 <br /> <br />L <br /> <br />L <br /> <br />L <br /> <br /> <br />r- <br />i <br />i <br />i <br />I <br />I <br /> <br />-.J <br /> <br />