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�-r- ---sr. wit i ,,iy••�t'4 i k :r ?S7 �i' rr.' ri�;. :'. iT ^7 -w <br />.�.+... �y.i..t W'"�rtT�r.� ,�u ,:af.l+ �•. + „�pkNly•r�!„r, an.w+�rwaiwrvM+wr,.,w.•• •v,,,�► <br />• —, +9Tr''"`”' rY :Kaaer.+lw•�.rY,�- ,° • , �- .. ,'. :M,ri,.� -. - <br />a <br />r . <br />0 0001 <br />Donald F. Hal or <br />THIS TRUST DEED, made this day of December , 19 90 , by attd among <br />and Carolyn Haller, husband and wife, as jOJ84 J4g148ad River. NE 68883 <br />whose muting atidrees is _ <br />(hlrein "Trustor' j; v4=9 MIIM whose mailing address is P.O. Box 487, Wood River, Nebraska MM. (herein "Tnistae," and - 'B@rWlclW1- <br />FOR VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, including the indebtedness kidentified herein +tend the trust herein seated. the receipt of which is hereby <br />ecltrtowledged, Truster irrevocably gttxtts, tnnsfen, conveys, and assigns to Trustee, IN TRUST, WITH POWER OF SALE, for tite benefit and <br />seatrity of Beneficiary. w dw and subject to the terms ad conditions of this Deed of Trust, the real prapitrty described as follim: <br />The Southeast Quarter (SEI /4) of Section Thirty -One (31), Township Eleven <br />North (IIN), Range Twelve (12) West of the 6th P.M., Hall County, Nebraska+ <br />except a tract of land containing approximately 0.849 acres more or less <br />as iescribed in a Warranty Deed recorded on Document X78- 000210 in the <br />office of Register of Deeds of Hall County, Nebraska. <br />TOGETHER WITH, all rents, profits, royalties, income and other benefits derived from the real property; all leases or subleases covering the <br />real property or any portion thereof, now or hvreaher existing or entered into. and all right, title and interest of Trustor thereunder. oil in• <br />tertsts, estate or other claims, both in low and in equity, whic'n Trustor now has or may hereafter acquire in -the real property; all easements. <br />nihts -of -way, tenements, herecitaments and appurtenances thereof and thereto; all oil and gas rights and profits water rights and water <br />stock; oil right, title and interest of Trustor, now awned or hereafter acquired, in and to any land lying within the .-,ghl -of -way of any street or <br />highway adjoining the real property, any and all buildings, fixtures, improvements, and appurtenances now or hereafter erected thereon or <br />belonging thereto, (herein referred to as "Improvement" or "Improvements "); and any and all awards made for the taking by eminent domain <br />or by any proceeding or purchase in lieu thereof, of the whole or any part of the real property. <br />All of the foregoing estate, property and interest hereby conveyed to Trustee herein collectively referred to os the "Property' - <br />THIS DEED OF TRUST SHALL SECURE: Three hundred <br />(a) The payment of indebtedness evidenced by Trustor's note of even date herewith in the principal sum of - -- — <br />_ ��Ltflred and n.�! IOQ -- _- ----------------- _ - - - -- - Dollars (S 300,OOn.00 _ together with interest at the rate or rates provided therein, (herein, together with any and all renewals, modifications, and extensions thereof <br />referred to as the "Note ") hoth principal and interest on the Note being payable in accordance with the terms set forth therein, reference to <br />which is hereby made, the final payment of principal and Interest, if not sooner poid and if no renewols, modifications or extensions ore made. <br />due and payable on January I. 20,11 - - - -- -- — -- -- _ -,— -- _. - - - - -- - <br />(b) The performance of each agreement and covenant of Trustor herein contained; and <br />fc) The payment of any sum or sums of money with interest thereon which may be hereafter paid or advanced under the terms of this Deed of <br />Trust. <br />(d) The payment of any future advances necessary to protect the security or any future advance made at the option of the parties; and <br />(e) The performance of an obligation c? any other person named in this Trust Deed to o beneficiary. <br />TO PROTECT THE SECURITY OF THIS DEED t;F TRUST, TRUSTOR HEREBY COVENANTS AND AGREES AS FOLLOVISt <br />I. Payment of PrYteilel sad Interest, Truster shall promptly pay when due the principal of and interest on tree indebtedness evidences by the <br />Note, and all other charges and fees as provided in the Note, and the principal of and interest on any future Advances secured by this Deed of <br />Trust. <br />2. Woteail of Title. Trustor is lawfully seized and possessed of goad and indefeasible title and estate to the Property hereby conveyed and <br />has the right to grant and convey the Property; the Property is free and clear of all liens and encumbrances except liens now of rec cm, and <br />Trustor will and defend the title to the Property against all claims anct dernands. <br />3. fieit"mmo ead Ceaylll t wiflt Lows. Trustor shall keep the Property , rood condition and repair cad shall not commit waste a• W-It <br />impairment or deterioration of the Property and shall comply with the provisions of any lease .{ this Deed of Trust is on a leasehold. No +rr;nve- <br />ment now or hereafter erected upon the Property shall be altered, removed or demeiisr%ec: ve*hout the prior written consent of Beneficiary. <br />Trustor shall comply with all laws, ordinances. regulations, covenants, conditions and restrrci :ons affecting the Property and not commit. suffer. <br />or permit any oct to be done in or upon the Property in violation of any low ordinance. regulation, rvMP -o -t condition or restriction rrustor <br />!heq cemnbts or restore nomotty and in good workmanlike manner arty Improvement on the Property W-� n may be damaged or destroyed and <br />pay, when due. oil claims for labor performed and materials furnished theref are and for any alterations thereof <br />4. hisexeaco. Trustor, at its expense, will maintain with insurors approved by Beneficiary Insurance with respect to the Improvements and <br />personal property. constituting the Property. against loss by fire. lightning tornado and other perils and hazards covered by standard extended <br />coverage endorsement in an amount equal to at least one hundred percent of the full replacement value thereof and insurance against such <br />atrter hazards and M such amounts as is customarily carried by owners and operators of stmular properties or as Beneficiary may require for Its <br />protection. Trustor wilt comply with such other requirements as Beneficiary may from time to time request for the protection by Insurance of the <br />interests of the respective parties. All insurance policies maintained pursuant to this Deed of trust shall name Trustor and Beneficiary as In- <br />sureds, as their respective interests may appear. and provide that there shall be no cancellation or modification without no less than 15 days <br />prior written notification to Beneficiary. In the event any policy hereunder Is not renewed on or before IS days prior to Its expiration dote <br />Beneficiary may procure such insurance in occordanco with the provisions of paragraph 7 hereof Trustor shall deliver to Benef rc,ary the original <br />policies of insurance and renewals thereof or memo copies of such policies and renewals thereof Failure to furnish such Insurance by Trustor or <br />renewals as required hereunder shall, at the option of Beneficiary, constitute a default <br />W. <br />rt, <br />