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S <br />Nebraska has nereL fere .ePr, rUJe yr Se ter -_,e :E. <br />Book, 13 at Pdge 269 of the Kiscelianeous Pecords cn fire at tree <br />Register of Deeds 1'ffi:e in Hal; Ceunt_y, Nebraska_ <br />WHEREAS, an Agreement to Modify Restrictic.ns for Dickey <br />�utcdivission looted in Hall County, NeLraske.. has heretofore been <br />recorded on August 24, 1966 in gook 15 at Page 469 of the <br />Miscellaneous Records on file at the k,►gaster of Deeds Office <br />in Hall County, Nebraska. <br />WHEREAS, 'Dickey Subdivision" has been sut,.ivided and <br />presently includes Dickey Second Subdivision, Dickey Third <br />Subdivision, Dickey Fourth Subdivi:ion, DiLkey Fifth Subdivision, <br />Dickey Sixth Subdivision and Dickey S. -tenth Subdivision. <br />WHEREAS, the undersigned ars a majority of ttie owners of <br />said lots and desire to modify the Protective Covenants, Restrictions <br />and Conditions for 'Dickey Subdivision". <br />IN, THtREFORiq is consideration of the premises and of the <br />wmtval modification of restrictions as sot forth hereinafter, <br />the sold parties hereto hereby consent and agree that the said <br />'retoctive Covenants, Restrictions and Conditions for "Dickey <br />Subdivision" are changed and modified in the following <br />particulars, to -wit: <br />1. Paragraph (S) thereof is hereby amended to read as <br />fellows: <br />"110 buildin s or dwelling houses shall be moved .nto <br />said subdivision and laced upon a lot; no trailer, <br />garage. shack, tent, �eanto, prefabricated, fiberglass <br />or round -shaped dwelling or other unsightly buildings <br />shall be used In said subdivision as a dwelling at any <br />time nor shall an,y strretyre of a temporary character, <br />war any besec.ent Mouse, be used as a residence at any <br />time. Tilosrovision shall not apply to the temporary <br />ase of so`b buildings or structures during the cou- <br />`strattles of any dwellings on any let. All buildings <br />amd dwelling bosses to be built must confom with the <br />moter'als and general :onstruction Qf the buildings <br />pre-existing in said subdivision." <br />This AgreNent sball be binding as the parties hereto, and <br />their rospectiwe heirs, exetuters, administrators and assigns. <br />IA wITASS 1A fn f, the parties hereto have ber*vnte set <br />tbo r heads -at f the day awd year 'ast above written. <br />�[.. 40 ,— <br />