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_ m n <br /> -n = � <br /> m <br /> _ � '� � � n cn <br /> G� ' �( � � <br /> T l✓t � C D <br /> �, " s , � �:\ � � o o ,.�.^',. ' <br /> ;r �`�"'- —,� o -*� p � <br /> '*� <br /> � f � _ m p ci. <br /> �/� t'� "�� f'r'' � C.� N <br /> �1 L � �'--` r Vni � ��/1 <br /> �s f'-� �C F--� <br /> {`� N � h� � <br /> � N � _ <br /> �-+ <br /> . �' <br /> O <br /> WHEN RECORDED MAIL TO: �. <br /> UNITED NEBRASKA BANK <br /> 700 N WEBB RD <br /> PO BOX 5018 <br /> GRAND ISLAND,NE 68s02 <br /> ���� <br /> � � <br /> SPACE ABOVE THIS LINE IS FOR RECORDER'S USE ONLY <br /> DEED OF TRUST <br /> THIS DEED OF TRUST IS DATED DECEMBER 30, 1999, among DAVID J WETHERILT, SUSAN L WETHERILT, <br /> GORDON D COBLE and LORI L COBLE, HUSBANDS AND WIVES, whose address is 419 S HARRISON, <br /> GRAND ISLAND, NE 68803 (referred to below as "Trustor"); UNITED NEBRASKA BANK, whose address is 700 <br /> N WEBB RD, PO BOX 5018, GRAND ISLAND, NE 68802 (referred to below sometimes as "Lender" and <br /> sometimes as "Beneficiary"); and UNITED NEBRASKA BANK, whose address is 700 N WEBB RD., GRAND <br /> ISLAND, NE 68803 (referred to below as "Trustee"). <br /> CONVEYANCE AND GRANT. For valuable considerallon, Trustor conveys to Trustee in trust, WITH POWER OF SALE, for the beneflt of <br /> Lender as Beneflc(ary, all of Trustor's right, title, and interest in and to the following described real property, together with all existing or <br /> subsequently erected or affixed buildings, improvements and fixtures; all easements, rights of way,and appurtenances; all water, water rights and <br /> ditch rights (including stock in utilities with ditch or irrigation rights);and all other rights, royalties and profits relating to the real prope!�y including <br /> without limitation all minerals, oil, gas, geothermal and similar matters, IOCat@d In HALL �OUn�/, StBt@ Of NebraSkB (i11E "Real <br /> Property"): <br /> LOT THREE (3), BLOCK TWENTY (20), CHARLES WASMER'S ADDITION TO THE CITY OF GRAND <br /> ISLAND, HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> The Real Property or its address is commonly known as 1713 W KOENIG, GRAND ISLAND, NE 68803. <br /> Trustor presently assigns to Lender(also known as Beneficiary in this Deed of Trust)all of Trustor's right,titls,and interest in and to all present and <br /> future leases of the Property and all Rents from the Property. In addition,Trustor grants Lender a Uniform Commercial Code security fnterest in the <br /> Rents and the Personal Property defined below. <br /> DEFINITIONS. The following words shall have the foilowing meanings when used in this Deed of Trust. Terms not otherwise defined in this Deed of <br /> Trust shall have the meanings attributed to such terms in the Uniform Commercial Code. All references to dollar amounts shall mean amounts in <br /> lawful money of the United States of America. <br /> BeneBciary. The word "Beneficiary" means UNITED NEBRASKA BANK, its successors and assigns. UNITED NEBRASKA BANK also is <br /> referred to as"Lender"in this Deed of Trust. <br /> Borrower. The word"Bonower" means each end every person or entity signing the Note, including without limitation DAVID J WETHERILT, <br /> SUSAN L WETHERILT,GORDON D COBLE and LORI L COBLE. <br /> Deed of Trust. The words "Deed of Trust" mean this Deed of Trust among Trustor, Lender, and Trustee, and includes without Ifmitation all <br /> assignment and security interest provisions relating to the Personal Property and Rents. <br /> Guarantor. The word "Guarantor" means and includes without limitation any and all guarantors, sureties, and accommodation parties in <br /> connection with the Indebtedness. <br /> Improvements. The word "Improvements"means and includes without limitation all existing and future improvements, buildings, structures, <br /> mobile homes aifixed bn the Real Property,facilities,additions,replacements and other construction on the Real Property. <br /> Indebtedness. The word"Indebtedness"means all principal and interest payable under the Note and any amounts expended or advanced by <br /> Lender to discharQe obliQations of Trustor or wcpenses incurred by Trustse or Lender to enforce obliQations qf Trustor undvr this Doed vf Trust, <br /> together with interest on such amounts as provided in this Deed of Trust. In addl8on to the Note, the word "Indebtedness" Includes all <br /> obligations, debts and liabilities, plus interest thereon, of Borrower to Lender, or any one or more of them, as well as all claims by Lender <br /> against Borrower, or any one or more of them,whether now existing or hereafter arising, whether related or unrelated to the purpose of the <br /> Note,whether voluntary or otherwise,whethe�due or not due,absolute or contingent,liquidated or unliquidated and whether Borrower may be <br /> liable individually or jointly with others,whether obligaled as guarantor or otherwise,and whether recovery upon suah Indebtedness may be or <br /> hereafter may become baned by any statute of limitations, and whether such Indebtedness may be or hereafter may become otherwise <br />