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d ` <br /> /� �°'� <br /> rrt ' � <br /> T rn <br /> � m N � � �) <br /> rn � . <br /> n :r_ •• 0 3-T, <br /> •`' x � c� o —V'i o <br /> � �— � s' N sv <br /> -_p Z _'1 ...� <br /> m � � '{ m p �D <br /> QQt -G p CZ. <br /> n;1/� T � � O '*1 O y <br /> � d Z 0 �� <br /> ca (,� z rn � <br /> ^ � � :T. 2+ W O ^y�' <br /> l{ c-y � � f" D O C <br />� �� l� i--' 7� N' � <br /> ��° N v v F—+� .-�+ <br /> W � � O <br /> WHEN RECORDED MAIL T0: N ' <br /> UNITED NEBRASKA BANK <br /> 700 N WEBB RD <br /> PO BOX 5018 <br /> GRAND ISLAND,NE 68802 <br /> C�\,� <br /> � <br /> �� � <br /> �..: <br /> SPACE ABOVE THIS LINE IS FOR RECORDER'S USE OI�Y <br /> DEED OF TRUST <br /> THIS DEED OF TRUST IS DATED DECEMBER 28, 1999, among REAL ESTATE GROUP OF GRAND ISLAND, <br /> INC., A NEBRASKA CORPORATION, whose address is 1824 WEST 2ND STREET, GRAND ISLAND, NE 68803 <br /> (referred to below as "Trustor"); UNITED NEBRASKA BANK, whose address is 700 N WEBB RD, PO BOX <br /> 5018, GRAND ISLAND, NE 68802 (referred to below sometimes as "Lender" and sometimes as "Beneficiary"); <br /> and UNITED NEBRASKA BANK, whose address is 700 N WEBB ROAD., P.O. BOX 5018 GRAND ISLAND, NE <br /> 68802 (referred to below as "Trustee"). <br /> CONVEYANCE AND GRANT. For valuable consideration,Trustor conveys to Trustee in trust, WITH POWER OF SALE, for the benefit of <br /> Lender es Beneflciary, all of Trustor's right, tiUe, and interest in and to the following described real property, together with all exisdrp or <br /> subsequently erected or affaed bulidings, improvemenls and foctures;all easements, rights of way,and appurtenances;all water,water riphts and <br /> ditch rights(including stock in utilities with ditch or irrigation rights);and all other righls,�r�oyalties and profiis reladng to the real prope�y, including <br /> without I(mitatlon all minerals, oil, gas, geothermal and similar matters, IOCated 'In F1ALL �OUnty, State of Nebraska (tf�e "Real <br /> Property"): <br /> PARCEL 1: LOT ONE (1), BLOCK FIFTY TWO (52), PACKER AND BARR'S SECOND ADDITION TO THE <br /> CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, HALL COUNTY, NEBRASKA. <br /> PARCEL 2: THE WESTERLY THIRTY THREE (W33') FEET OF FRACTIONAL LOT SIX (6), IN BLOCK <br /> FOURTEEN (14), OF KERNOHAN AND DECKER'S ADDITION TO THE CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, AND <br /> ITS COMPLEMENT THE WESTERLY THIRTY THREE (W33') FEET OF LOT SIX (6), IN BLOCK FIFTY-0NE <br /> (51), PACKER AND BARR'S SECOND ADDITION TO THE CITY OF GRAND ISLAND, HALL COUNTY, <br /> NEBRASKA. <br /> The Real Property or its address is commonly known as 216 N LOGAN AND 1818 W 2ND ST, GRAND ISLAND, <br /> NE 68803. <br /> Trustor presently assigns to Lender(also known as Beneficiary in this Deed of Trust)all of Trustor's right,title,and interest in and to all present and <br /> future leases of the Property and all Rents from the Property. In addition,Trustor grants Lender a Uniform Comm�ciai Code security interest ln the <br /> Ren1s and the Personal Property defined below. <br /> DEFINITIONS. The following words shall have the following meanings when used in this Deed of Trust. Terms not otherwise defined in this Deed of <br /> Trust shall have the meanings attributed to such terms in the Uniform Commercial Code. All references to dollar amounts shall mean amounts in <br /> lawful money of the United States of America. <br /> Beneflciary. The word "Beneficiary" means UNITED NEBRASKA BANK, its successors and assigns. UNITED NEBRASKA BANK also is <br /> referred to as"Lende�"in this Deed of Trust. <br /> Deed of Trust. The words"Deed of Trust" mean this Deed of Trust among Trustor, Lender, and Trustee, and fncludes without limitation all <br /> assbnmant and�ecurity Interest provisions reiatinp to the Personal Prope�ty and Rents. <br /> ; <br /> Gu�entor. The word "Guarantor" means snd includes without limitation sny snd all puarantors, sureties, and accommodAtion p4rtia�i in <br /> connectlon with the Indebtedness. <br /> Improvements. The word"Improvements" means and ir�ludes without limitation all exis6ng and future improvements, buildings, structures, <br /> mobile homes afflxed on the Real Properly,faci8ties,additions,repiacemenis and other construction on the Real Property. <br /> — .. �, .. .. .. c ;� <br />