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t � �' ,,1 ('i ''J C? t/� <br /> O � <br /> C� (� t _ :J �i"s � C a N �-��+- <br /> S x• !' n � �, r— Z --i eD <br /> .. m cn � � �► � z —� m O p <br /> � _ .. m G'� -� o o cs. <br /> � <br /> rL� ' � � � z � � <br /> • ` � <br /> r � `' � v � � cn <br /> � � � ¢1 � r�" D � c <br /> kA "' �' ~' � �' � <br /> ,'`• � �.� '� �+ <br /> c.� tn � Z <br /> v, o <br /> � [Space Above This Line For Recording Data] — <br /> TRUST DEED �' <br /> �� � <br /> THIS TRUST DEED is made and entered into this 30th day of December, 1999 by and between JOHNSON AND <br /> JOHNSON, INC., TRUSTOR, whether one or more; and Fidelity National 1�tle Insurance Company, TRUSTEE; and <br /> Jeffrey Oaks,Inc.,BENEFICIARY,whether one or more. <br /> WITNESSETH: That the Trustor does by these presentsgr ant, bargain, sell, convey and conf'�rm unto the Trustee, <br /> with Power of Sale, the following-described real estate including all buildings, improvements, and fixtures of every kind now <br /> or hereafter erected or placed on the real estate situated m Hall County, Nebraska, described as: <br /> Lot Nineteen (19), JeYfrey Oaks Eighth Subdivision, in the City of Grand Island, Hall County, Nebraska. <br /> In the event of the sale, transfer or conveyance of the above-described property to any third party, all sums secured <br /> hereby shall be at once due and payable. <br /> TO HAVE AND HOLD the same, with all rights, privileges, and appurtenances thereunto belonging, unto the <br /> Trustee, his executors, administrators, heirs and assigns forever. And the Trustor hereby expressly waives, releases, and <br /> relinc�uishes unto the Trustee all right, title, claim, interest, benefit and estate whatever, in and to the above described <br /> premises and each and every part thereof, which is given by or results from all laws of the State of Nebraska pertaining to <br /> the exemption of homestead. And the Trustor covenants with the Trustee that he will forever warrant and defend the title <br /> to the same against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever. <br /> IN TRUST, HOWEVER, for the following described purposes: WHEREAS, the Trustor did on this date execute <br /> a Promissory Note evidencing a loan for the principal sum of $20,000.00 and interest thereon according to the terms of said <br /> Promissory Note, being payable in monthly installments at such place as the Beneficiary may designate in writing from time <br /> to time. Notwithstanding any provision contained herein or in said Promissory Note to the contrary, if not sooner paid, all <br /> sums due and owing under the terms of said Note shall be paid on the 30th day of December, 2000. <br /> In the event of default, Beneficiary's remedies shall not be limited to those provided for herein. This Trust Deed <br /> may be foreclosed in the manner perscribed by law for foreclosure of mortgages. <br /> IT IS AGREED by and between the parties hereto that the Trustor shall: (1) �ay all present and future taxes and <br /> assessments, general and special, against said property before the same become dehnquent or actionable; (2) keep all <br /> improvements erected on the land insured as may be required from time to time by Beneficiary against loss by fire and other <br /> hazards, casualties and contingencies, in such amounts and for such periods as are reasonable and may be required by the <br /> Beneficiary, and to keep all policies of such insurance in force and effect and delivered to the Beneficiary, and naming <br /> Trustor and Beneficiary as loss payees, as their interests may appear; (3) pay and comply with all of the terms and conditions <br /> of any lien, claim or indebtedness that may be senior to and take precedence over this Trust Deed as soon as such payment <br /> on or of such lien, claim or indebtedness shall become due; and upon failure of the Trustor to keep any of said agreements, <br /> the said Beneficiary may pay such tax, pay for such insurance, or pay off any and all such liens, or indebtedness as the case <br /> may be, and money expended, with interest as provided by the terms of the aforementioned Promissory Note, shall be <br /> secured by this Trust Deed, and the Trustor agrees to pay the same upon demand, and upon failure to do so, the balance <br /> of said Promissory note shall become immediately due and payable at the option of the Beneficiary; (4) specifically confer <br /> upon the Trustee the Power of Sale as provided in Nebraska law; (5) retain possession of the premises and collect the rents <br /> and revenues therefrom; (6) maintain the Property in a condition of maintenance and repair such that the interest of Trustee <br /> and Beneficiary are not reduced in value through waste. Failure to comply with any of the foregoing provisions shall <br /> constitute an event of default under the terms of this Trust Deed. <br /> ABANDONMENT OF THE PROPERTY BY TRUSTOR. In the event that Trustor abandons the property, or <br /> if circumstances reasonably indicate that Trustor has abandoned the Pro�erty whether or not in connection with any other <br /> event of default, Beneficiary shall have the right, following filing of Notice of Default, to enter upon the premises for the <br /> purpose of securing the same and for carrying out any other measures necessary to protect and preserve the interests of <br /> the Beneficiary in and to the Property. Trustor specif'ically agrees to hold Trustee and Beneficiary and their employees, <br /> servants and agents harmless for any damages unavoidably inflicted upon the Property in connection with the exercise of <br /> rights arising under this Paragraph,and hereby waives any cause of action arising therefrom. <br /> Upon payment of all sums secured by this Trust Deed, the Beneficiary shall request the Trustee, in writing to <br /> reconvey the property and shall surrender this Trust Deed and all notes evidencing indebtedness secured by this Trust Deed <br /> to the Trustee. Trustee shall reconvey the property without warranty to the person or persons legally entitled thereto; but <br /> if default be made in the payment of said Note or any part thereof or any of the interest thereon when due or in the faithful <br /> performance of any or either of said agreements as aforesaid, then the whole of said Note shall become due and be paid <br /> as hereinafter provided, and this deed shall remain in force. The Trustee or his attorney may then proceed to sell the <br /> property in its entirety or in parcels at the option of the Trustee, hereinbefore described at pubhc auction, to the highest <br /> bidder for cash. <br />