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co, GRAND ISLAND, HEIR. <br />GRANTOR <br />DEED INDEX <br />DATE OF FILING DATE OF INSTRUMENT <br />GRANTEE 11 <br />11 Month Day Year Hour Month Day year <br />�+.✓ U.I v Ga.Pi�li`%c�� <br />Where Recorded <br />LOT <br />BLOCK <br />Book Page <br />[e f� � .✓ E �. I �i <br />Z� v <br />oZeZ y <br />71 <br />14yst <br />�:.,L ��cl L <br />(�. ✓ �sl..R. /� ,.%� <br />sQ � <br />/ys6 <br />n <br />s /9ri <br />777h�-r.-�:�.,L �w.c.f� �.»�e�/ <br />N• � (/1 !/�-rG�.� <br />v+`.GcG /f� <br />/9lG <br />O a•�.,. <br />%wv �o /y.r�. <br />.. <br />w ^� <br />o� <br />1 <br />ta�v✓Jhr,.,.-E....L {/�r,� [ <br />Gita« -ems 03 v � .� <br />.ie� .�,t <br />/9r6 <br />� + � <br />� � s/ /yr 3 <br />.77 <br />/ysL <br />/ r:. <br />-8/ <br />L'''"� <br />✓/��v ��/c.//.���i. ���% <br />�el✓ .✓/ <br />/9J6 <br />-2 / <br />sc /yrs <br />p� //�./�E p� %�as.,,L <br />�w+.aNyl+I�c. V//w��rv/J� <br />/��. <br />N- �., /.wE-ti"'////��wY <br />.�ja.✓ i <br />/91G• <br />��N <br />may, <br />//iN l- /3 /9.r1 <br />/7�Gu1� <br />✓%)j-�rati...s..�.e V,r.� fi GGaa-s�-L�-Lyo <br />' <br />/ �J[�i4'/L<.v <br />.ri l/�t <br />/J /may. <br />_o -t 6a �s-G <br />..1/ •..... <br />6..E.,Ei �d <br />C�./u/ <br />�i1caZ LU. w �Q....r�w �o <br />✓ A <br />/yr6 <br />leo-` <br />fL%1,w s / <br />v.�..,-✓��.-E.:..�Z �..E.�i L <br />.�.�Q%7p�.yys� O <br />%%1�✓ /o <br />/yrL <br />/O i.,. <br />%fla.�.� a /ysG. <br />o <br />s.-�.r�,•,/o%h�-,o-.-�:E.[pQ.ti,� <br />l/p <br />%i..t/ /.� <br />/yr6 <br />/Ffi <br />��:r s /yrc <br />.u-� �-�+%-��.z/ �T• � <br />�j � <br />iS.//7� <br />. /3 <br />/y.rG <br />o� � <br />%,Z,r.,/ �z /y.rG <br />//�^� �% � <br />,y,�K->'+uw.e..+e/V�� �'++uAGs..r <br />�.,C.�.-4p/ <br />G�i�u-f7.ei (; .•pC<s�w�lt�/+i.0. %e:�L <br />%lh•r/ /tL <br />/'rL <br />//.r�r... <br />�jta� /y /SJZ <br />/r <br />9 <br />%)u.-»,.,.,�....t. �T..r..Ai Ls�.•c.�i-N- t <br />�a-s>~r,w/ S aiawwi d, .�2%/t.�d"i <br />�� <br />LIls rf+.e, .5 C!/ IN, <br />GLy.E�.L <br />//fJ <br />fj}a•✓ -�d <br />/yrL <br />/ ,*r., <br />.s /9r1' <br />Z <br />IGr/t�-t<a.w+c/��.Aa.t..:E..0 I�...,� /c•.q�.� <br />1�..�..wo L� G� <br />f%la-✓ .�s' <br />/yrG <br />y4 � <br />� /r /yrs <br />p�� <br />a�-��e.r�,E..E�. <br />E.' r��,eG.v�o��.l.,�.�--✓ <br />�-•- a2 <br />/�5G <br />•s/o <br />�n�i. <br />�y�r- ad /'sa, <br />0'07� `7' <br />lfi..�a.ea..✓,�iDwn.�i• �w, i1.�a"�, �feudY,.,�.� <br />..�w..,.$.%�is/ia/, �.•�.�a•>,e �l�nrw, od <br />� p <br />.yrG <br />�a �h. <br />Q�' 3 /ps6 <br />/'�,a�y�nLr., ;�� �e � <br />.�.�?�L - �l.'�,�,•,.�.o-� <br />Q�-.•- /i <br />: /ya6 <br />/o ,LAO <br />77za.- zG � <br />.?� /eat 2�E .✓� <br />C +6 %ha d� �v' <br />Caja r / / <br />. /ytsG <br />//aRi <br />.ale/y /yrr <br />1% Q.�viv9t�D E-%ij. <br />�� �'�-(a�%�.G�,�,.�.,•r/ <br />.02% <br />/y�� <br />��s�i. <br />�, /yrG <br />{rr�Ghl, �- Y �]�' <br />�.rn-i-a/ �. o��"ti <br />�D <br />/9sL <br />//o �. <br />�•rr.Z �o /ysL <br />9 <br />, y� <br />�` <br />�dw ,s /9 s z <br />%^�,�r.B�a�,u�S/,/�' %%la,�:v f.�ucc� ,ei ,a -e <br />r��rs�.�c�..�' � '/'1�,.� �--�•i <br />°�y�" // <br />/�.56 <br />9 � <br />�-r 2� '9.�6 <br />A/ f <br />�2Pi. + c;,D'.. <br />/ r�cj° .DZ •Z <br />ys6 <br />a <br />/G q66 <br />& <br />,p <br />IZQi-i,�' 4-tl�:w-.,� �a/ <br />G <br />/�sG <br />/ <br />a7 /ysS <br />%% a rra2�wtr�� <br />�t2/e I,- ✓ <br />Oo�.i <br />?7j. GG�Qa tet✓ <br />/a <br />/�s� <br />/rQ%s <br />ao //S2 <br />!�ltr�arvrd i�%rs.e-+•-a.FO T,2r�/ l�xz.[e�-y <br />o��. f r^�+-+e.v /deG'U'� �.mr..-f�i <br />yt.t-!'-y 2 <br />/9S6 <br />�>•^, <br />�.L�-y (o /9.5.2 <br />e All/ <br />�� x <br />Taj L <br />� `D/� <br />.f.�.y..L!• K_%%�a.�.+ (.LL..,//.Q /-nC �-� <br />� 7.__� <br />/LbY,�w-cvn///Lvnr'H+`scpa°ei <br />//.R.LWf-6✓ �I/iih4.�R /( [� <br />�/O" <br />a <br />HALL COUNTY <br />CHARACTER OF <br />INSTRUMENT <br />Where Recorded <br />LOT <br />BLOCK <br />Book Page <br />i <br />u-rzL. <br />.. <br />w ^� <br />7 s7 <br />1 <br />9 <br />sANN,AS <br />n... <br />f <br />G!/.eD <br />/J /may. <br />_o -t 6a �s-G <br />..1/ •..... <br />NAME OF TOWN <br />AMOUNT <br />�/.u.�.I,..✓i off`--«//�OR <br />�: - <br />- <br />f/p�-�./-/ <br />e-4-'W`J• .%/J ✓L/ .-tdjo .Ofae/-.�-.>-c[-t .O „-' .�.Q�Vjt•�-� <br />IWO <br />//7 Jos 3J7 ..a�.... 3-'t�•G _ '.G7 ..ertl..vs✓%1u.»s.-,va2D� <br />/7 <br />11,7 eeap <br />//1 Uzi<. <br />/ / 7 493 <br />7 <br />�1oa //,7 �S� / 9G� -- �,,>� ate. <br />% ,-4- //7 <br />'�. <br />"17 62 s� f may+ d • 3. !v py //'ea.iui/�di%2iirnea4elP <br />n //B d 3 /a/, .O m v 3- -S • G //eut��u�%%2e rn�ertwZ �a„ /�/ <br />��•w•t t, /l d/. //L' .9A7' <br />-7 S7A01 14 <br />yd, Q . / 2 3+� ,� '•k' aeiz�r v/'lite rc.,.`� '�. J <br />1-1 <br />i <br />1-1 <br />