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RELEASE OF MORTGAGE: IN CONSIDERATION, of the payment of the debt named therein, the Citi <br /> zens State Bank, Wood River, , Nob. , assignee, , hereby releases the mortgage made to William <br /> W. Mitchell by, Joseph Ross Senseney, et al. , on the following described real estate sit- <br /> uated in Hall county, Nebraska, to-wit : The South East one-fourth ( SE+) and the South half <br /> of the North East one fourth ( Si NE4) of Section 32 in Township eleven North, Range eleven <br /> W. of the 6th P. M. Which is recorded in Book 35 of Real Estate Mortgages, Page, 106 of the <br /> Records of Hall County, Nebraska. <br /> In Testimony Whereof the said CITIZENS STATE BANK has caused these presents to be ex- <br /> ecuted by its President and its Corporate Seal it be affixed hereto this 22nd day of June, <br /> 1907. <br /> CITIZENS STATE BANK. <br /> WITNESS : W. W. Mitchell, President . <br /> Leah Dodge. ,,,/&4W. L. Sprague, Cashier. <br /> State of Nebr. ) <br /> )ss <br /> Hall County ) <br /> On this 22nd, day of June A. D. 1907 , before me, the undersigned, a <br /> Notary Public in and for said County, personally came W. W. Mitchell President of the <br /> CITIZENS STATE BANK, to me personally known to be the President and the identical person <br /> whose name is affixed to the above release, and acknowledge the execution thereof to be <br /> his voluntary act and deed as such officer and the voluntary act and deed of the said CIT- <br /> IZENS STATE BANK, . WITNESS my hand and Notarial seal at Wood River in said county the day <br /> and year last above written. <br /> Fred M. Hollister. <br /> ( SEAL ) Notary Public. <br /> My commission expires the S day of Mar. , 1910. <br /> Filed for record this 4th day of February, 1908, at 9 o'clock, and 15 minutes , A. M. <br /> County Clerk. <br /> 4444 <br /> /4-, /E: .!�/4: 4-44 <br /> 44441444 <br /> / f '/JI 1J II 1 Ir '-'14!4 <br /> 1 rJ_ Y4•1- <br /> 1 1 1 4/44-'1'4, <br /> I 1 11 >1 <br /> I t J 7 / <br /> , - --- _ 1 11 <br /> ASSIGNMENT OF MORTGAGE: KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS : That I, L. V. Graves, of the first <br /> part, in consideration of the sum of Two Thousand ( y$2,000 ) Dollars to me in hand paid by <br /> Rodney R. Crowe of the second part , the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged , have sold <br /> and by these presents do sell, assign, and transfer unto the said party of the second part <br /> a certain Indenture of Mortgage bearing date the gth day of January in the year 1907, made <br /> by Peter H. Brown and Mary R. (his wife) in favor of L. V. Graves and conveying The North- <br /> east Quarter ( NE+ ). of Section Thirty ( 30 ) in Township Eleven, ( 11 ), North Range Twelve <br /> ( 12 ) West of the Sixth Principal Meridian, in Hall county in the state of Nebr. and which <br /> said Mortgage was recorded in the records of said county, on the 17th day of October in <br /> the year 1907, in Book 35 of Mortc;ages, at page 6o6 together with the notes or obligations <br /> therein described, without recourse on me in any event or for any cause. <br /> TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the same unto the said party of second part, his executors, ad- <br /> ministrators or assigns, subject only to the provisions in the said Indenture of Mort /;age <br /> contained. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hands and seal this 24th day of <br /> January in the year One Thousand Nine Hundred Eight. <br /> L. V. Graves L. S. <br /> In Presence of <br /> Willard F. Bailey. <br />