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4 <br /> RELEASE OF MORTGAGE: We hereby certify that full payment has been received of the in— <br /> debtedness secured by a certain. Mortgage dated January 6th, A. D. 1903, executed by Wm. <br /> Rapp & wife upon Si SE- of Section 14, Township 9 Range 9 of 6th P. M. in 4Ak0OLCounty <br /> Nebraska and recorded in Book 32 Page 105 of the Record of Mortgages in said County, and <br /> we hereby release said mortgage. Witness our hands this 17th day of January A. D. 1908. <br /> In Presence of <br /> TREVETT, MATTIS & BAKER, <br /> E. M. Carrithers. <br /> By Charles E. Baker, <br /> A member of said firm. ° <br /> State of Nebraska, ) ss <br /> Gage County, ) <br /> On this 17th day of January A.D. 1908, before me, a Notary Pub— <br /> lie in and for said county, personally came Charles F. Baker on behalf of, and as a-mem— <br /> ber of the Firm of TREVETTi MATTIS & BAKER, personally to ';me known to be the identical <br /> person whose name is affiXed to the above Certificate of Payment and Release, and ac— <br /> knowledged the execution of the same to be his voluntary act and deed and the voluntary <br /> act and deed of said Firm. Witness my hand and official seal the day and year above <br /> written.My commission expires Oct. 21, 1910. <br /> E. M. Carrithers. Notary Public. <br /> ( SEAL) <br /> Filed for record the 21, Jan. A. D. 1908 at 9A. M. <br /> 0.1-ejtic <br /> �(t�r�l i_!! r ar.rrrr, rnr rrr „ , r r r rr rrrr r CountyCler <br /> � J t r-w x_7/F, 1< 1! t.-1-12L rr 1 4. 1. ,L LrL: ,f r. r fir!r1" Gly r�r rr 'r rl 1 rl/41/../1 L�,'-„ <br /> • <br /> f/i/:r�/tl N�1�,7%7 �r N i 'Iil��.' �/i"� - ��-1r �,r ' �;�7i I/7TirL <br /> RELEASE OF MORTGAGE: IN CONSIDERATION of the payment of the debt named therein, I re— <br /> lease the Mortgage made by Fred Willman & wife to GRAND ISLAND BANKING COMPANY, on the <br /> 111 <br /> following described property: The South half of the North East Quarter of Section Thirty <br /> One, Township Twelve, North of Range Ten, West of the 6th P. M. except 3 acres as de— <br /> scribed in deed in Book 36, P. 384. , which is recorded in Book 35 of Real Estate Mort— <br /> gages, Page 191 of the records of Hall County, Nebraska. Witness my -hand this 21st day <br /> of January, 1908. <br /> GRAND ISLAND BANKING COMPANY, <br /> WITNESS : ( S E A L ) James W. Thompson, Vice—President. , <br /> I. R. Alter, Jr. and presiding officer. <br /> State of Nebraska, ) ss <br /> County of Hall ) • <br /> On this 21st day of January A.D. 190g, before me I.R.Alter,Jr. , <br /> a Notary Public duly appointed and qualified for and residing in said County:f: person— <br /> ally came James W. Thompson, Vice—President and presiding officer of the Grand Island <br /> Banking Co. , to me personally known to be the identical person "hose name is affixed to <br /> the above release as maker, and acknowledged the said instrument to be his voluntary act <br /> • and deed and the voluntary act and deed of the Grand Island Banking Co. Witness my - <br /> hand and seal at Grand Island in said County, the day and year last above written. <br /> My commission expires Aug. 23, 1913. <br /> ( SEAL ) I. R. Alter, Jr. Notary Public. <br />• Filed for recordthe 21st day of Jan. 1908, at 11 o'clock A.M. <br /> AT lip-JC <br /> Coun y Cler . <br />