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���. <br /> � � <br /> „ � 78' UOOU11 <br /> b8—REAL EBTATE M061'GAGE (CorpersUoa)—With 'Is: Clsure 'rw it�ra..c....v w.aou eo��s.�ie�`--_.> �+ _. <br /> -- — <br /> ' ' KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRFSENTS: <br /> , <br /> rTHAT NEBRASKA SOLVENTS COPII'ANY j' <br /> � <br /> a corporotio+t oryaMised a�ad ezisting undi� aKd by virtu� of the fawr of thr State of Nebraska • yM �I <br /> cow.riderofio+r of tha t+�n� of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND AND NO/100--------------------------DOLLARS '� <br /> . <br /> iw hand paid,doer hnsby SELI_ and CON6'F_Y uato The First National Bank of Grand Island, <br /> �f Hall Cou„ty, State of Nebraska , the fo!lowing dr:cribed pre+wi,ter s+twated 'il <br /> �M Hall County, awd State oj Nebraska �o_��_ <br /> A tract of land comprising a part of the Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NE3t N � <br /> of Section Fifteen (15), Township Eleven (11), North, Range N3ne (9), West of the 6th P.M. <br /> in Hall County, Nebraska, more particularly described as follows: Beginning at the Northw sk <br /> Corner of said Northeast �uarter of the Northeast t�uarter (NE'-i, NF.!�); thence southezly alon �' <br /> the west line of said Northeast Quarter of the Nortl�east �Zuarter (NE%, NE�), a distance of � <br /> Five Hundred Thirty Eight and Fifteen Hundredths (538.15) feet, to the Northwesterly <br /> right-of-way line of U. S. Highway No. 30; thence Northeasterly along said Nighway right-o -yay <br /> line, a distance of One Hundred 'Pen and Seventy Five Hundred[hs (110.75) feet; thence <br /> Northerly along a line One Hundred (100.0) feet East of and parallel to the West line of <br /> said Northeast Quarter of the Northeast Quarter (NE'-4 NE%,) , a distance of Four Hundred � <br /> Elghty Nine and Forty Five Hundredths (489.45) Feet, to the North line of said Section 15; � <br /> Chence Westerly along the North line of said Section Fifteen (15), a distance of pne j' <br /> Hundred (100.0) feet to the ;�lace of beginning and containing 1.18U acres more or less. <br /> �I <br /> ;i <br /> �I <br /> %'he intewtiow 6e+wg to coxvey hereby aw absolute title in fee sirnple. �) <br /> TO NA!/E AND TO HOLD ths prtmuts abo�t�e dettribed, u•ith al! tht opp++rfenoru'es thsrtwwto belongiMy wate <br /> th� taid The First National Bank of Crand Island, Crand Island, Nebraska � 'I <br /> I <br /> und w its heir,r and assigru �oreve�, prorided ulu�a��r, and rhrse p+ernatr ars rpow the �spres.r cowdilias � ! <br /> rhat if the said ;�ebraska Solveuts Cuinpany `� <br /> �i <br /> o� us.rigxr ska!!pay o+cor.ce 10 be paid to !he said The First National Bank of Grand Island ; �� <br /> � ! <br /> hnrr, sxecuto�r, ad+winistrotorr or astigsu, tks .rum of One Hundred Thousand and no/100--�o��Q�+,payabl•e� I �� <br /> /ollowi, to-vrit: $1,293.98, including principal and interest, payable monthly, beRinning � �I <br /> one (1) month from date of Note, and the balance of principal and interest payble ten ,, <br /> (10) years from date of Note. PROVIDEll, each said installment shall be applled first � � <br /> to interest accrued to the date of receipt of said installment, and the balance, if <br /> any, to principal, � ;i <br /> I <br /> acrordiny to tA♦ fewo► ` '� <br /> aMd egtct of tht one proaKissory wote , ' ;'j <br /> ijGea+iwg �vs+� datt urith tkese prtsentr and.rhall pay al! taxes aKd a.rsestrner�ts levied upow said rid sttott ord ell otbn � <br /> taret,levies owd�eNts levied xpoa this nsortgoge or the note u�hicA thir nsartgayo u gia�eu to sscure, brfori tA�e j <br /> run�e beco+wtr delieq�ewt,a»d kerp ths b�ildingt os said pre+rsiser insu�•ed for tk� suni of a 100,000.00 , lost, if ;� <br /> uriy, payabls to tks said +wortgogee, tk�n theri presn�ts to bs void, o►hrrtviss fp b� ard rnwain sK fxll foru. }I <br /> , /T/S FURTNER AGREED, (r) That if the ie+d +Kortgagor shaU fai!to pa_y ric6 tarsr w procure t+tck i�aw� � <br /> or«, the roid �wrtgagse awp pay rwch taxet and prvn�re rrch insurancr; mid tke sum io advaKcrd, witlx i�tNsst ot j <br /> 11% pe� crnt ska!! br�epaid by soid mortqagor, and lhis rri��rfqnga xhal!a�nnd aa srrrrily fo. rarw�. /a; TAat ' ( <br /> a fail�rs to poy axy of said taowey, eitker principd or int�rrat u�hsn the,carne bstornt dYs, or a foil�re fo co+wply erith ( �� <br /> aey uf the Jor�going �tyseewatett, sAa!! caue ths wholi �n� of morsey hrrein secu�ed to beco+nr dw otid co!l�cteb�b � j� <br /> ot owci et tks optiow of thi morfgagee. I <br /> !N Gf�ITNESS IVNEREOF, tws taid Nebraska Solvents Company i� ""'�! <br /> I hu.r ke►sw�to cawsad itt cor orats seol to bs a ad awd ebear Presldent <br /> p fj�r /+rttewts to be .ngxed by(ti <br /> tMit 29th day of Dece�ber A.D. r9 77 <br /> Signed,se d dslive�rd iw pressxcs of � ; <br /> � � <br /> . . . ..... Nebraska Solvents Companv <br /> _.._. ...... . . .__ .. <br /> �'../'c-��. . _ _ _. . ..... <br /> � / � �./���l,�,o-f,� -1� ��.,r�,,l��...,, _ <br /> / r __. _ . _. . <br />�° ; J <br />