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% � <br /> LAST tUILL AlJD TEST�P�:�.P�T' 01= LAURA GASCi-i0 <br /> I, Laura Gascho, a resident of Cairo, Hall County, �vebraska , i <br /> being of sound mind and disposing memory, do hereby make, publisn <br /> and declare this to be ny Last Will anc Test-r�ent, and I hereby pro- <br /> vide as follows : <br /> I <br />� I revake ail Former wilis by me made. <br /> I I <br /> I direct tnat aIl my �just debts , if any, an: the expenses of <br /> my last illness, Funeral an� burial, and of ad�inisterin; �y estate, <br /> be first paid, and sub,ject thereLo: ` <br /> I I I <br /> I give, bequeath and devise all the rest, resi::ue and ren��inder � <br /> of r�y Nrorerty, real , personal an� mixed, of w;zatever n�tu e ar?d + <br /> wherever loc��ted, unto my step-daLghter, Blanche �. Veeder, tiie same � <br /> ' to be hers absolutely and forever. <br /> I V <br /> I na��e , nominate and a p;oint ::�y gooa friend, `��!ayne S. Sorensen, <br /> of CairO, Nebraska� to be tne Executor of tnis my Last :'ill and <br /> Testarr:ent. <br /> IIV ,�`�Tj:�5`:� :�:t�E:t�Gr, I have hereunto sL�sc;ibec my na-�e in t:le <br /> presence of the ��ersons v�itnessinc; it at my request t:�is 30th day <br /> of Ja nua ry , 1963. ' <br /> UIITtv�;SSES: Laura Gascho <br /> Wayne S� Sorensen <br /> Moller R. Johnson � <br /> The foregaing was at said date subscribed, published and de- <br /> clared by Laura Gaschc�, the Testatrixy as her Last �till an�Testaaent <br /> in our presence, and �.ve, at her request and in her presence ancl in <br /> the presencs of each ather, subscribea our names as attesting wit- <br /> p nesses, ail of us� including the Testatrix, being t.resent together <br /> through thE execut i on a nd a ttes ta t i on of' the wi 11 . <br /> Wayne S. Sorensen <br /> Moller R. Johnson <br />� <br /> . ,_o <br />