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/ <br /> / <br /> .._� _ . . .. w. ..t__.._ _ , _ _,.. �_...,,_ .__f,_� <br /> ; ,'. . �,\ .� � • - � . <br /> , � 600f� ds � PAGc �G3 ' . . � , <br /> Pa5' z - Last Wfll and Testament of Fay B. Fickel, ar.a,00 <br /> itar:is sgecifically bequeathed otherwise herein, which consists principa2ly of my <br /> furnitLre, an�iques, chfna, booics, silve:vJare, jewelry, household effects, wzar- <br /> ing apparel, and other artic�es of personal use, an8 my automobile. VV'hile this <br /> bequest is absolute, it is my wisti that any memo:andum I may l�ave addressed to <br /> my exe;;uto:s, or any substitute executor, indicating my desire with respect to the <br /> dispcsa? �f these items, or any oi them, shall be regarded. Such of these items <br /> «s rnay not be sccepted by the legatee o: legatees shall be disposed of as a part <br /> of my resinuar� estate. <br /> ARTICLE �,�, <br /> All af tne rest, residue, and r�mainder of my property, wherever s3tuated <br /> and of whatsaever nature, I give, deuise, anc� bequeath to my brothers, AlbertA. I <br /> Beegle and Austin E. Beegle, or the survivo: thereof, and if both my said broth�r� ' <br /> p:edece;:se me, I direct that the property disposed of in this clause then go to and <br /> b2cor:�e the property o� my nephew and niece, Robert Beegle and Delores Beegle, <br /> shar� and share alike. <br /> I <br /> ARTICLE �'II�. <br /> I qive to my exEc�;tors and th2�r successors, full power to JP11 at public <br /> � or p<rvate sale and on such terms as they may deem �rop�r, any property at �ny <br /> tim� held by them. No purc}.ase: of such property shall be bound to see or be I <br /> lia��le f.or the �pplicatio: of the proceeds of any suc:: sale. , <br /> ARTICLE ;X:,, <br /> I have m�de no provision herein for my st�p-daughter, Dore�n Ferguson, <br /> f�i :�ae reason that she has been am 1 Y „-• I <br /> � y p.ovided for dt,.inc� my lifetime. <br /> ARTICT E X:. <br /> , I herehy apgoint my good friends, Gene Gro��e �rid �,ilJie GrovF, to b� exe- <br /> ���utoAs oi this my last wzll and tPstament, and I direct that no nend or othsr se�urity� <br /> i <br /> Le r�G,uir�d af them �o act �s such, <br /> �N Vil'iTDTEBS �1�i�R.,�F, I s�gr, �eal, pLblish, an� c�er.Iare t,,iy �s r;.. ,, � <br /> j tC.A t ( <br /> v:i11 a.n the Presr.;r,cQ cf the gPr:�ons v.�ftn��sinc� i�t at :�y req�Pat t}7is t'�.irc��z:th c�ay <br /> � . <br /> � <br />