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II�3 �HE �U�TY CC?URT fJ� Ii�LL G+(��'�"Y': ���1� ', <br /> In t1�e �viatter �f th� �state of 3 <br /> ) D�CR�� D��RMI�1Y�� �i��TTANC� TAX <br /> j�HN F:. MEIN����� Dec�ased. ) <br /> Now an this�z�'�day of Augu�t* 1363, th1� ��tt� caxn� an gan c�e�rl�g in <br /> Yhe County Court of Hall �ounty� I�el�ask�, at /�a'alc�ck,,�,,.i�i. , on <br /> � <br /> the Petition, duly verifieci, o€ �vl�rtha Meinectc� as3c� Lhe Wa�iv�r �nd V�lut�fiary <br /> App�ar�►nce a�d �tipula�tion �f Richard �. D�aBacker, Fiall �ounty Attarney, flr , <br /> behalf af Hall Caunty and the State af Nsbrss3��, s�#d P�titlon�r heinq pr+��ent <br /> by her attorney and evidence was presented. Upc�n consfderatian whereof, th� � <br /> Court finds that said John €t. Mefnecke dfed a ra�s#dent of I�� �ounty, Neb��ska, � <br /> :, <br /> on the 16th ct�� Qf Iviay. a963; that he was poss�gsed of no estt►te requirir�9 ; <br /> � <br /> probate; tha� ti�e only pXop�rty in v�hi�h fiha �aid d�c�as�,d h�d an intereet wr�s ` <br /> join�ely Y�eld with th�a t�etitioner he�efn, Martha Meinecke: that the Gounty Attorney � <br /> o# Hall County, Nebraska, ha� enterecl a Waiver af lrTatiee and a �olun#ary <br /> Appearance as provided bp S�ction 77-2f128.CYZ ot the Rsvi�ec� St�tute�a af Nebr�ska�, <br /> 1943, and tha�t #h� only other person interested in s�id estate �r�d �e►inst whom � <br /> � <br /> ara. inhe�itance tax may be assessed is the Petirioner her�ins th�a# r�ntier the lrew� <br /> af the State of Nebraska, no assessment af Inherltanc� Ta�c could r��ult herain <br /> and that na �atic� of hearing c�r publication af notfc� of l���rit�� is required by � <br /> the laws of th�, State of N�braska. <br /> This aause tk�en coming an for h�raring upan s.�id �'etition and vn satiti ¢ <br /> � <br /> stipulatian filed by s�id Richard L. DeBsek�r. C�unty Ati€»�y Qf �iall Cc�u�tty, <br /> Nebraska, finds that ��tid �ohn R. �t�fnscke, at the d�t� a€ his death at� May 16, <br /> 1963, was �ei�ed ar�d gosses�ed nf no prop�rty at the timae of t�ie death requiring <br /> admini�tratian c�f his e�tate; that a�t the ti�ae of his d�th �a�d,�onn A. �Ielnec:ke <br /> was the awn�c' �t�3n�,ly with IvIstth�► A�efrt�cke, the Pe�t�ti�efi'��'s€�t, of c�hatttel <br /> pr+�p�rty, tnc�ud�ng a 1953 �he�rvi��ita�nla�ia, �erf�l �o. �FiL+A�13��5�, of the <br /> totai.t value of $SUU,00, ��ui in �dt€�� ther�to, waa t�s awn� �s �m#�at t�nant <br /> ; <br /> w3th said PetitiQn�r, wlth riqht oi ��rivar�ri�p ca# the #�lav�#aq d�scribed re� ; <br /> ;: <br /> �stt�#e, <br /> �7 <br /> - �_, _ -- .- .,. � �� <br /> l �,:�€. � �,,> �-: ���r� ::�:. � . <br />