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3. Richard L. L'eBacker, Cou�ty Attorney of Hall eounty, <br /> �+tebraska, has �ntereel into a Stipul�tion fil�d herein £or �nd in • <br /> behal.f of the Cotul�y ot Hall and t,he 5tate of l�ebraska and h�s <br /> stipuZated �hat the Pair marl�eL val ue of the property describEd in <br /> th�: Petition is of the value as aet farth in sai� Petition for <br /> inherita�c� tax purposes. <br /> t�. Th�t the Court finds th�t all of the property described <br /> :�n the Patition fil�d herein were �vm ed jointly by Arthur �. �enyanD <br /> i:eceased, and I,ucy C. Kenyon, his survivir� spcuse �na wideY��$ as <br /> joint �enants with right af survivorship, and Lhe Court detert�iz�es <br /> the fair market value of all su�h propertv' and tYze value for inherit- <br /> . anee tax purpo5es, as fallo�rs. <br /> c��L �a'T�iTE <br /> (1� Lat riine (9) in 31oc�c are (1) in I.ake- <br /> view, in t'.he City of Gran: Isiands <br /> iyebrask�, accor�in� ta the Te�orde� <br /> p].�t thereof, also knc�rn as Lakevie�v <br /> hddition to th� City oi �r•an:: �slaru, <br /> Ha21 County, P�e�raska, other�aise known <br /> as 216 :�ast Mshton r�venuz, Gran� Islanc:, <br /> itiebr�sk�, clear market v�lue �t date oi <br /> I:ec�asea�s death cf ------------------------ �:1v,�GG.GU <br /> �'G���L VALtTE: 4F �LAL :��Ta'�� ----�----,_a�_�___ 1�,G40.�0 <br /> �:.�..�...�.... <br /> 1':u:��0���'iL P�C F��t i Y <br /> (Y} Ghecicin� accoia��t �.r7 ���� iiv�r�.�n�. <br /> �:atiorial Ba�k of i�ranc� Isl^r�c�, I�;ebraska ---- �� 23m.�i <br /> �2 HQuseho�d goou� and �urnit-ura - ;�,iC,Oi� <br /> 3 194� Chevrolet automobile, �otor Ivo, rAA 6�3 <br /> 055 Serial A:o. �FKJ 44� 93, clear market <br /> � <br /> va�e af ------------------------------------ lOQ.00 <br /> TCTAL V�iLUE G.r �L��t�;Civ��:� PiiCP�.:�;tTY ----------- y;', �23.31 <br /> tJ1�AKY <br /> �1) Tot�Z �a�,ue of ��eal Es�Ate ----------------- �10,Q00.GG <br /> {2} Total Vaiue e�' Personal Propert�� ------___-- 623�31 <br /> �'C��AL VALU� 0�' ALL P�OPE�tTY --- �10,F�3.31 <br /> �. By reason €�f th� fa�t �,hat a21 the property o�ned cy <br /> �ec�dent� Arthur �. Kenyan, a� the of his death was owned and. <br /> helc': by hirn in joint ten�znap v�ith ri,�ht af survivership wi13� Lucy C. <br /> Kenyon, hi� surwivin� spause anci wid3w, �here is n� need of nnc� there <br /> �rill r�e prabate �f th� estate of Arthur �. Kenyon, L�eceased. <br /> ��_ <br /> 3a <br />