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f <br /> �2) <br /> IV <br /> I hereb,y expressly waive anv privilege created under tne Laws of <br /> any State with respeet to confidential eorrumunications ha.d at any <br /> between rne and my attorney, Herbert �'. Ma�er, and ar.y of the attestirg <br /> �•ritr_esses to this G�Till , and further hereby revoke an�� and all for:�er <br /> `,'i11s and instruments of a test�.mentary natiare �eretofore _made b�,T ^?e. <br /> 1�? TESTIMOTT�' 'v�TH�REOF I have hereunto affixed m,y sigrati,re in t:ne <br /> ?�resence of 'the attestin� witr.esses hereto and have publ:sr_ed ar_d de- <br /> clared tnis instrument in their presence to be m,,y Last '::ill anct 1'esta- <br /> �ent, at Grand Island, idebraska, this 6tn da� of Iiay, 1957. <br /> ':'itness : �rthur ',J. Gaire�T <br /> Estner K. L�rnn <br /> Gladys Sir�pson <br /> �rthur �. i�;a�rer <br /> �Ie whose names are hereunto subs^ribed do hereby certifv t::��t Artnur ',:'. <br /> Bairey, tne lestator, he then bein� of sound mind ana unde� ❑o co�r_- <br /> pulsion, subscribed h3_s na:r�e to the fore�oi_r.� instru�_ert , ccnsistin� of <br /> tti�ro pages, in our presence and ir, the presence of each of us, and at the <br /> same ti:,�e and ir otm presence ard �earin� declared tt�e sar�e to be Y:is <br /> Last ��Ii�l and Testar��ent, and we at ni_s special in�tance and req�aest and <br /> in his presence and in the presence of each other nave 'nereunto subscrib- <br /> ed o� names as witnesses. <br /> Estaer K. Lynn <br /> Glad,ys Simnson <br /> Arthur C. �iaver <br /> �. <br /> _�_. � <br />