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SHORT WILL <br /> LAST WILL �iND TESTANIENT <br /> I, Herman Voss of Cairo in the County Q.�..Hall, State of Plebraska, beino <br /> of sound mind and rnernory and considerin�he uncertainty of this frail <br /> and transitory life, do therefore make, ordain, publish and declare <br /> this to be my LA�� ti�Ii,� AND TESTAN�lENT. <br /> FIHST, I order and direct that my Executor hereinafter named, <br /> pay all my just debts and funeral expenses as soon after my decease as <br /> cor,veniently rnay be. <br /> SLCOND, After the payment of such funeral expenses and debts, <br /> I bive, devise, and bequeath unto my belovecl sister, Mrs. Lena Diekmann <br /> and rt�y �eloved arother, Chris r. Voss, all of my property both real <br /> and p2rsonal, •��herver the same may be seized or found, the same to be <br /> divided into three parts; and two parts to belon;; to my sister, the said <br /> Nirs. Lena Diekmanr. because she and her family have �iven to me so mar.y <br /> cor:siderations durin� my natural lifetime ; and <br /> or:e part to belon�; to my brother, the said Chris F. Voss. <br /> Iri tt�.e event ol t��e prior deatn of r�y sister, T�:rs. Lena Diekmann, I <br /> dir2ct thaL her bequest s'rial� belor�� to her children, Yvho are livin; <br /> at trie time ot my deat'ri, they to share anu share alike; and <br /> Ir tt�e event oi' the �ri��r death of my brother, Chris F. Voss , I direct <br /> zr�at i�is oequest shall �elor�� to his son, ;Valter Voss, if livin�, other- <br /> v,�iese , if the said `:1al�.,er Voss shall not 'oe livin� at the time oi my <br /> deatri, I direct t�iat this nequest shal� also be divided equally amon� <br /> :;r� -livin� chi�drer. o�' my sis�er, the said i�'irs. Lera Voss Diekmann, <br /> Lei.J`i,'6.�2� p T �iy.}:8 � CCI1�t1t.UtE ?i"'i.a. ai:�DOZr!t :':�• �,. :�OY'AIlS�Zl t�0 }J8 <br /> „� �U_C�� Oi i._'.�S' I:a�, �35v vt1.�_ ��:iCi �'2S�Fzi�;�T:�� �@T'2vy T'@V01:1Y'i� 2,Zi tormer <br /> W��.'_S 0 j' ?"i:: I!ia�1� <br /> .L.. +�ii'ivuJJ ,v�i',ii:�Vil' Ilc3tia ri�Y"r,�U21�0 �i.i�.SCi_;iEiZ :'11'J Tl%i?i:�' �.='.�`'.< <zIt`.��1;�C:. <br /> !i.`,' ;�:,:".-'� vl'i�� .i�tY: t�t`3� O'� �Dd i1� lI: .t,P.2 V::3T' O_ OL.r' T Gr'C��� 02:� ��';UUS�.'''_U <br /> :iir,:: hur_�areu �'ii ty seven <br /> Herman Voss `��u?_ <br /> Tr.i.� iristrurnent was �r= �'rie day oi the �iate thereol, si�ned, pub�isher. <br /> i.T:!�v. 'uF C1�T'�C:� Gy ;'P.e 58.1.� t25i.�t.OT' i�err�an �%OSS �C C� r.1.S i�:3t cJ7.1._L 8.p0. <br /> l:�staT�,er* ia tr:� presence o� us who a_� his request nave subscribed our <br /> r.ames �:;er��r,o as witnesses ir his presence ar�� in tne presence ar eac.� <br /> O�i1: ;' :�ilv 4•Tr0 (�C hereby C��Y'���j'` ti"i2� at ti_2 �1P.1E; Oi ��'i8 2XP,Cl1t101'1 Ol Sul�; <br /> �^i'._'.�. 9 �t.'.2 UZStcitOT' 4V2S GI SOUr:u cl?1�. �.�S�OSITIJ '"i121C3. aI1C1 I7122T,0="�T aTlCi U�'u�T'— <br /> ��,a::-:;_:ir��; a,r.� under �o restrain�:. . <br /> Rooert C. i,arson <br /> �dayne S. Sorenen <br /> '::l�,i� ��U��TY , i�i�BN.tiSK:; F � L � D JAPd lr� 196o CH�RL�S BOSSERT CULP�'I"t <br /> ti i!Ll�ilu <br /> 1 <br /> ;:.. ._ :.:s.... ._ .�.. .. ,� - : -• • � <br /> . , � ; . .. <br /> m .. <br /> i.,ti. . _. _ ....s..... _._.._...,.�.,_._... ' ., _ .. :. � . , '� . �. <br /> � � <br />