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i <br /> ' <br /> II� �fiS COUNTY Ct3URT t�� F�ALL COUN'TY, NBBRI�4KA <br /> ��I �H� I�IATTER QF THE E�TATE ) ' <br /> pF � - FII�,_„_AI.�GREE - <br /> � ' <br /> CHARLE3 EIrBERT WALI�ER, De�eased ) <br /> Thi�s matter caare on for hearing tbis�_��day of March, <br /> 1961, ugon the Finai �ep�rt, accoun� a�d the Petition for �inal <br /> Settlen�ent af Account of the Executrix, and Pa� a Decree af <br /> Heirahip herein, and ciue and legal notice af hearing having been <br /> giv�n as provided by law, and the Court bein� fu21y adviaed in <br /> the premises, find8t <br /> 1. �hat seid finsl account is correct and should be allowcd. <br /> 2. That the $tat�menta snd �11ega�Cions in eaid Petition for <br /> Finsl Settle�ent are true and carr�ct,. <br /> 3, That there waa rr� p+arsonsl prop�rty belonging to tMe eatate <br /> and that ths Executrix, being the widow of the testat�r �nd dece�sed, <br /> h�s personallq paid all debts and cia3ms allowed e�d the eosts �nd <br /> e�penses of sdministration and waivss furthar claim against tr�e <br /> �►�seta for �uch advance�. <br /> i�. That there ias no inheritanca tax due the Statc� af ivebraska <br /> fram ay of the hairs, devisess or Iegatees of deaeased. <br /> 5. That the aaid Charlea Elber� �alker died Lestate, a re�ident <br /> of �iall County, �debra$k�, on the 3rd day ef 5eptember, 19�0, and left <br /> as hit� sole �r�d only heir� at law his widow, T�nB I�. Walker, and one <br /> daughter, Marguerite Pe�rl t�acan. <br /> 6. That the said Chades Elbert Walker, d�ceased, died sei�e� <br /> of �he followiz� described real est,�te, to-wit s <br /> An undivided one-half interest in the E�st One-HaZf <br /> (E�) of Fractional Iaeyt Seven (7�, in Fractional �lock <br /> C}ne Hundred Four (10�.), .4ailroad Addition, and its <br /> complement, Fracticnal I,ot Seven (7) , Fractic�nal Block <br /> One Hundred F'our (104�, Kaenig dc Wiebets Addition to <br /> the City of Grand island, Hall Cour�tq, I�ebraska. <br /> 7. That �y the terms af the �ill of ��id deceased, a].1 <br /> pers�ralty, left after payment of debt�, funeral expenses and co�ts <br /> of ad�inistration and all res]. estate is bequeathed to Ter.a I�i. �i�lk�r, <br /> widow �f the daeea��d, �►nd sht�u].d be assigned to her, this 3.ncl.�ading <br /> th� irater�st i� real estate described in Paragragh b �bove. <br /> �iEREFORE�, IT IS CO�+STAERED, 'QRDERED A1VD �DJUD4ED that the <br /> fina2 �ccaunt o� �he �xecu�rix herein b� and the �eare hereby ia �e�tled, <br /> all.owed �nd �pproved; th�� the st�tements and allsgat�ona in the <br /> Petit3.on for �'inal Settlement �re true and correct; that th� estate <br /> hs�s been. dul.y sdministered, �nd all claims, deb�s and expeases caf <br /> adminis�ration have been dulp p�id by the Executrix personally an.d <br /> $he ��kes na el�im again�t the as���s o�' the esta�� fvr° tl�e same; <br /> th�t there is no in�eri�t�nce tax due 'ths State of N�br��ks from an�r <br /> of �hs hsirs, �egatees or dsvi��e� o� the deaeased� th�t �here i� <br /> nc� �erso��l. praperty in the hands of the E�recutrix; �hat Gharles <br /> �ibert Wslker die3 �e�tate, a re��.dent af H�11 County, �ebraska, an <br /> th� 3a�3 d�y t�f 3epte�ber, 19b0, �.e� a� his sole and only heir� aL <br /> law the p�r�ons named in Paragraph 5,; �bc�ve; th�t said deeeased died. <br /> � .. . � . . � � a:�w . . .. � . <br /> . . .. � . � _ . . . . ���. . � . � ./1�` <br />� .r._....�.,-----.-r�.�.r.r „ ... .�;�..-,. � -' <br /> .. . , . ., __.. ..,_._...-".�.--=c^---^s..�."^c-x°� _,..._. ;�'-,.'� 7�ra�,.-... . ��ef�;.+o-�� <br /> .:... .. .�,....::,,..T...+^r.�� <br />