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_3_ <br /> We, whose names are h.ereunto subscribed, do hereby <br /> certif� that Lulu B. Langjahr, the testatrix, subscribed her <br /> name to the foregoin� instrument, in our presence and in the <br /> presence of each of us, and, at the sarne time ancl in our presence <br /> and hearin�, declared the same to be her last will and <br /> testament, and we, at her request and in her pr'esence and <br /> in the presence of each other, have hereunto subscribed our <br /> nsmes as attesting witnesses, <br /> Gladys Sim�son <br /> � Grand slan d, ?lebraska <br /> Bernice E. ��:atthe�a� <br /> 4 Grand sland� itieGnaska. <br /> Wm S uhr <br /> ENDORSEI`�1ENT: LAST WILL 4ND TESTAi�'�'�TT �F <br /> Li?Lli B. LAI�'G,73�? <br /> H.4i�L �0?1NTY� NEBRAS�'iA F I L E '_,., r)EC �� 1.�?�� 2 �.���. '�?. K�RK C�'.7iw`f`� <br /> J JIxsE <br /> _3_ <br />