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;-'�LL CUUNTY, NEBRASKA <br /> CODICIL TO �� ( �� <br /> LAST WILL AND TE3TAMENT OF 1�•�• <br /> t�n��' 1�'-1960 <br /> BLAIdCHE 0. RICKARD _ ,� // - � <br /> �:-:�...:-.�.� <br /> ' couNnr�uoar � <br /> KNt�W ALL MEN BY THESE PRE$ENTS: That I, Blanche r <br /> �. Rickc�rd, being a resident of, �3nd having legal domiciZe in, <br /> � <br /> Grarid Island, Hall County, Nebraska, made �y I.ast Will and <br /> Testa�ent on the 8th day of Apri1, 1959,' and which instrument <br /> this Codicil alters and me�difies, 'and being this day of eound <br /> and diaposinq mind and mea�ory, c3o hereby make, publish' and <br /> c3eclare this in�trument to be a Codicil to `my Laatt Will and <br /> Testament. <br /> l. In m�► said T�Ti11, in Paragraph 3, I appointed <br /> �Eh�.n W. St, 3ohn, �� �xecutor of �this Will, and if he did not <br /> ��rTe, then Frances J. St. John was to serve as executrix, I <br /> em h�reby removing both of their na�nes as executor or executrix, <br /> and i.n their place I am hereby appointing E. H. Benson, of Grand <br /> Island, Nebraska, as executor. Therefore, I hereby ca�alcel, <br /> reacind and revoke Paragraph 3, of my said S�Till, and in its <br /> place I hereby substitute and provide, as follows: <br /> °'3. I hereby appoint E. H. Bene�on, of Grand <br /> Island, PIebraska, as executor of this Will. I direct that a <br /> bond or surety shall be reqnired in such rea�onttble amount aa <br /> the r�r�bate Court shall determine for the best interests of my <br /> e state."' <br /> 2. I hereby cancsel, rescind and re7oke Paragraph <br /> 13, of my said Tdill, and in ita place �I hereby substitute and <br /> provid� as folloyrs: <br /> "`13. I give, devise and bequeath, absfllutely <br /> and in fee simple, to my friends, James J. Kahler and Alma E. <br /> �$hler, husband and Kife, ar to the survivor tnereof, of Gra►r►d <br /> Island, Nebraska, the following described real eatate, situat�d <br /> Page 1 of my CocIicil to my L�esf Wzll and Testament <br /> � � i�-'�� <br /> Initi�ls of Witnesses � <br /> �,. /s" <br />