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all �� th� r��l e�t�t� ��� giv��, d��i��d �nd be�u��th�d t� h�r d�ughter, <br /> deane�te E. Koehler, and in �rd�r ��� tQ h�v� � 1��� agains� ��� Q�n <br /> property for �he bala��e af �aid cl�i�� th� ��id �e�ne��� �. Ka�hler, <br /> desires ta �a�ve th� ��m�ining �$lance du� h�r und�r the Q�gi� heretofore ,<�n� <br /> ;: <br /> ai�.o�Qa to h�r in. th�.s e�tat�. The C�ur� f3.z��.� th�� th��� ��+e nov� due `, <br /> �n.d b� tta.e �etat�, certain �dm�,��.�'t�°ativ� exp��.se�, inelud�.ng <br /> exeautor'� fee� �a �rnhold a. R��hZsr� peyment Q� �t�to�n�y�' f�e� tt� <br /> Pa�.ne & P�ine, �ttorneya, and paym�nt of Ca�nty �ourt casts, i.rr�.udin� <br /> publication fee�, which �xpensee and �ees �hQuld b� �,Pp�4v�d by the <br /> Gourt. All expenses in connectio�. wi�h th� last �:ll.n�ss and fun�r�l <br /> af �aid ��ceased hav� n.ow bEen p�id is� fullo <br /> 5o H�l�n I. �oeh2er p��ased a�r�y te�tate in ur�nd Tsland, �i=,I1. <br /> County, IVebraskaf on the 29'' d�y of J�nu�ryq 19�4s �ein� �t th�t time <br /> 5� year� o� age, having been born on the 1��" day af �ugia.��8 1904; th�t <br /> �t the tim� of her de�th, s�.e �vas a citizen �nd a �esident �f �r��id <br /> Tsl�nd, Hall Countye Nebrask� ; and, t�.at �he �.eft survivi�� he�y as <br /> h�r sol� and onl�r heirs-at-law� and b�ne�ie�.ara�es9 �he fb7.lo�in�9n�,mely: <br /> Je�net�� F� Koehler, a dau�hter9 a� 723 South FLzr���l1 <br /> �v�nu�, Grand Island, N�bra�kd, � minc�x, noG>r c�re o�' <br /> ��rnhold �a Ka�hler, Gu�rdi�n9 0� �21 �outh :r�in� <br /> Stire�t, Grand Island, 1V�bra�ka; <br /> ��ack C. Koehler, � st�p�san, ox I�616 �ou�h F�.�;u�rca�� <br /> F�o. 19, G�rdenia, Caiifornza� c�f �.eg�s. �g�; <br /> �aul �.e Koehler, s �t�p-son� of 4�Q1 ��tindsor �;ve�.ue9 <br /> '�:ae�, �exasg of legal age, <br /> n`�u�°�h�r, the said �ece��ed wa� not �u�°�riv�d by any ather e�°bildr�ng <br /> or by at,.y childr�r_ of � d�ee�sed ohi�.d, Furthera �he said �ie2en S, <br /> xoehler ���s a �aidaw at th� ti�e of hex° death� ha°r hu�iaancts �+lbert <br /> Ko�hler, having die�d on =1pri1 r, 19�3, ��d s�ie had net r€:��rriea <br /> �ftes� his death; that �he and her s�id lat� husban.d c:e�°e �the ���rents <br /> c�f the �bov� named minor childn Jeanette �;� Kt�eh�.ery ar�d t� th� <br /> s��d �bove na�ed two step-sons ars the chil.�ren o� her l�.te �tu�band, <br /> :"-.l.�ert Koehler9 by a former marriag�> <br /> �. H�len I. Ko�hler died seized and pfl�s�ssed, �iy �bsalrzte <br /> �ee sa.raple titleg of the follo4ving describe€� reai ��t�te, �,a�tely: <br /> Lo t One (1) , in Filo cl� �hxee (3) p �.n South Grand <br /> Island, an �ddition to th� City af Crand Islt�nci, <br /> I�ebraska. <br /> Tn accvrdance s�ith the terms of Paragra�h 5, in the La�t 'r�'�11 and <br /> Testam�nt o� Hel�n I. Koehler9 deceased, w*h.ieh s�id ��ill has been duly <br /> admi�ted to probate he�r�in, the said abov� described re�l prcap�;rty <br /> �ra� giv�n, devised and b�qu�athed tc� Jean�tte Le KQ�Y��.@I'' dau�h�er <br /> o� aai� decea�ed, .aub��et to a life estate in Albext Koehler, husb�n d <br /> of s�id decc�ased., �s set out above, the said �llbert Kfl�h].er, di�d <br /> on npril �s, 1963, hi� lif� �c��ate never having come into bein�, �or h� <br /> preceded hig wife, Hslen I. I�oehl�r, 3,n death. and his e�tate has r�o�� <br /> been probated in the Caunty Cou.rt vf HaZI �ounty, Nebr��ka, furth�r, <br /> thE saic� Jeanette Ee Koehl�r wa� living at the dat� o� the d�€�th flf <br /> the aaid Hel.�n I. Koehler, d�CE�sed� and is livin� 2t th� pre�en� tirae_ <br /> The �:;ourt should entsr an order makin� distributa.�n �e�ardingly of the <br /> said. abo�se d�scribed real estate to the s�aid �Teane'�ts E. Koehler, and <br /> ..2.. <br /> rf.�" ;; <br />