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i <br /> II� `�'HE C;OUNTY :�OUR.ri.' Or' 1�21LL COUidTY, 1iE:5R:'�aK1;. <br /> In the ��Iatter of: ) <br /> `�i�� �Slf�i:� Ui J ,,r.,,- <br /> � FITt�:i, DE�l,yl. <br /> ;i:�ZET� I . Yui:�iL���', <br /> ) <br /> Deceaseci . ) <br /> i <br /> I�To;: on this .�_; 'y�' ciay of :,eptember, 196„ this cause c��:ie <br /> on for hearin� upan the fin�l account and petition for a decree of <br /> distribution anci diseharF,e of .' rnhold ; < Koehler, the duly ��,�ointed, <br /> �ivalified and actinU executcr o� the estate of ilelen I. �:oehler°, c?e� <br /> ceased, �r�ci the Ceurt 'r_���.. in�; e-:a:.:ined the records, pleadings, pr�- <br /> ceedin{;s rjn;� proot' on file herein, and havinF; heard the evidence il� <br /> suppor� t}Zereo� , a_r�d bei_��;- iully �:�.�;ise� in tne pre�ises, i'inds ��h>��:a <br /> 1� Lue ar�� 1���1 notice o� tile ��.-.�e _::�ca 1�1_�ce oi' thi.. <br /> he�r?n�; h��.s '�eer_ ��.ven -�o ��1� p;:z�so�.s interested in said esi-:te by <br /> public�ti�r� isi �'ne `,rr�r_� Island :✓ail�,r Inde encient ior t'rl,� su ^ ���- <br /> . P �,e c�E�.� <br /> ive �»ee'r._sy ar��.� �c�r,�tior�al noti�e in tihe rl:�.nner re ,uired .:.y l:��r, _�nd <br /> x�c ol�jections n.��tiE beer: iiled ir_ said �c�ount, or �o said �,�tition� <br /> .- � ':�'he fin:�1 aCcount is true; correct and com�_: lete ir, ��Ll <br /> IBSC:�C�GS � 11; :it101;1.L1i J� c tii�iOV�Gt cY1tA �;Z.Z,U B(: <lS t,r E,' .�.:iG�',�t:iJt�3 f 171;:� <br /> 'ecou,�t; =:11, r,f �.is ��cts and aeeds ��s e:cecutor sr_ould h� a�;_;ro•:ec ; <br /> �t,r,� ��st�.;te 3tiould be settled �:.d closed ; and� u,�or tY�e `..:li,��_:; n`. 'n�� <br /> 21.31<:i 1"'8•��i�`T,� �lE,'1^E,'lY? �� eY.PCL1tO:P� "��le S`i1G @X2CUI:,OT' BrlOU�i� jE i.113— <br /> ch�:r�;ec� <:::n:: t'r�e liability of' a�id e�cecutor on his bond s��eulci ';�e <br /> ter��i72nte�;. ,�,n.0 his boi�d releused, <br /> >> �iue notice ..�as �iven t; a11 crsditors �nu �11 r�e. �or�� <br /> r�.vin,, cl�:i:.1s :��-:inst ��i� esta�e of the ti�:,e and pl-�ce in hic7i te <br /> file their cl�ii:�s �nd of � hearing thereon, by public�ltion in �he <br /> arand Isl��nc D��ily Inclependent for thrEe successiv� �;�eeks s <�s �ro- <br /> =-ided by la�:!9 and such tir�e ha� full3r e�:��ired, �r,d <xn order foreti-er <br /> barrin� rnd excludin�, �;11 clai�s a�<.inst s�id est� te� not previous- <br /> ly filed ithin the titr:e alld�ed by 1a�,v, •;:as dul�y Qntered 'nereir. on <br /> July '%, I9t��-. <br /> 4. Three claims were filed against thi� est^te, t�.��o of <br /> ��;hich claims svere dis�llov�ed for the reason thGt they w.ere paid in <br /> �ull by Je��nette I�;a personallv after th� clui�s �eerE �iled; <br /> that t�ie third c1�i�, that of Jeanette Ea Knehler! was dul� allo�aeci <br /> by this i,ourt but h�s noz been paid because of insuf�ieient funds, �ut <br /> should bs p��id at tris ti�e; that there has been credited to the said <br /> Jeanette :�. Koehler against t�iis aecount, by order of this Court, the <br /> amount of �15�.04 tran�ferred to her guardianship account, and th.e <br /> amount of �e175•�0 for the tran�sfer to her of the Plymouth nutomobiie <br /> in this estate, s. bnlanc� du� of �1,711.77; th�t after the <br /> payment of court eas��, ex�c�att�r's f��e and attorneys' fee�, any es�h <br /> r�maining should b� �r�dited again�t this bal�nee and paid to krnhald <br /> �. Ko$hler, guardian of Jea.nett;e E. �oehler, a minor; that by virtue <br /> o� the t�rm.� of th� �,e�� Wi�.l a�d Te�tement o� H�len I. Koehler, deceased, <br /> '�' /� <br />