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HAL� � , , ��r;4)�4l <br /> �i.;�„�� �. i����,, , . � <br /> R � �� <br /> �� �� � <br /> LAS i yJILL AND T�S'?'AMENT OF �� ����� �-"'' <br /> HEL�N I. KOEHLER <br /> , <br /> �.._ ,t� � _.� r ���.,-c.-a,.c�.-s�'T <br /> . .. i ..:C.'..� <br /> KNO�V ALL MFjA' BY TI-�:.S� PRES�:NTS: Th�t I, Helen I. Koehler, <br /> bEin�; a resident of and ha�*in�; le�al domicile in ^�rand Island, Hall <br /> Ccur.t��, ?•�e�ra�ska, t�nd bein€- of sounci and disroein�- r,ind and memory, <br /> do Y�ereby m�e, nublish and declare thie instrument to be m;� La�t <br /> Wi]_1 and Testanent. <br /> 1 . I �lcreby cancel , revoke an3 arnul all prior wi7_ls and <br /> codicils �ade by me �t any time heretofore . <br /> 2. I iiereb� direct that suc:� of m,y just dE;bts as may be <br /> allo`ved as cla.�ms a�ainst :�;y esta�e, ti=c� ex,>enses of my last illness <br /> anci my funeral expenses snall be paid by my ex.ecutor. <br /> 3. I here�y appoint Amand� D. Schmidt, my sister-in-law, <br /> of Grand Island, Nebraska, As executrix c� t' wil1. Ir_ t'_.c event <br /> ti-iat she fails to qualify, c;r cease� te serJe , Ps such executri::, <br /> tr�en I hereb;� aopoint Ar:.�lold 0 . Koei.�Fr, r�y Y�rot�.er-in-lav�, of <br /> Grand Island, ilebras'�a, as executor. '1'he executcr, F:}�ectztrix, «d- <br /> cinistrator witn wi11 anne�:ed, or otnt;r legal re;;rF�enta�ive cf my <br /> estate, and whethEr rale, fer.:ale or cor�orate, s..all i:ereaftcr be <br /> referred to �Enerally in the singul�s masculine, as my e:ecutor. <br /> 4. I hereby autr,orize and er.:powPr mv executor to cem- <br /> pror�ise or arbitr�tF any clai:�s for or a`�ainst :�;;r e�tate; to r�ban- <br /> don a�,� pror�crty not decTF<a v�orti� sa�in�_; and to sEll , convEy, <br /> tra:�sfc:, aGsi�,n, lease, rent, �n�� �nvEst or reinvf st , th��� whole, <br /> or any part, of My real, per^ona1, or �ixed property an� est�re, <br /> �21 at1;y ::iU;;itI'� `..G ..,:'.� C?;'�E:+ � O'. A!';;' t' rr;g � F121G a'. �I;�' �'l�?F . IP. <br /> making any sale of my real, personal or mixed Froperty, as above <br /> provided for, I expresely authorize my executor to sell, with or <br /> without notice, for cash or ;�artly upon credit, at auctior. or at <br /> private sale, and ir. sucn manner and uron sucn tErms and conditions <br /> as he deems to be for t�,e best interests of my estate . -�nJ payment <br /> � /�� �� �' <br /> Page 1 of my Last '�'�ill and Testament � iSr- � i� <br /> Helen . � e E�r <br /> Initials of '�litnesses ��f� �;�,� ��%Y'"% � �,-� � <br /> ---�, <br />