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;..... , . . . . . . . . <br />, - <br />�' . . . ,. � . � . � � . .. � � .. .. <br /> Ii� � �T7E �'P';#�+' �I. C�� ;�B�AS]�A <br /> �i �E �AT�'it E�! � '�8T/t� A�' � <br /> � �tI�tU1H�S, A�tQ �N A8 HE�R � D B C R i � <br /> T. �litA��B, AECE�l�tBb. � <br /> S� <br /> . N�, cm this ��,.,,,,day at �e t'.r�1a-e.� , 1967, this m�tter <br /> eame ��n to ber heard un the fi�ai report e�ted th�a lOth day of Ju�q, <br /> i967, and the s�pprle�ntal rep�r� datad S�E,teamber 7 , i967, <br /> and the �ourt having e�ea�ined th� rec�►rds and Eile� oi this c�e�se, <br /> �ia�ds that +�i� ex�d 1�gul notice hae been given to a11 persons interes ted <br /> ir► this esta�e t�f the t�me and place �3aced €or hearing upvn �uch final <br /> acacfumt a�d th�s �titic�n #o� f�nal settl�men�, both bg publication <br /> , and by waili�tg of notice th��eof to all per�oris interesteds amd no <br /> cme aP@ea�e+� to t�b��ct C�ereto. <br /> The Cc�rt fur�e� fiads frQm the� �ecv�ds and Pf.Ies th�t the <br /> �e�uto� ha� atceounted for all �hs good� �ttd a�aets ot the decea,�ed <br /> �vhich have evme iuto his lcncx�ledge or pc�sse+��ior► and that he h�s in <br /> ail. things eo�nplied �ith �he ord�rs of this Caurt. Ths Ca�urt further <br /> Fi.nd� that Hc�aer �ichards dep�rt�d this lif� at Graad ��+1snd, Ne- <br /> bres'lc,�� tm th� �Sth daq of J�nuary, 146.7. The Court further �3.nds <br /> that he left a ,�oint Will arith �ie wife, Maybelle Richards, and th�t <br /> there were nv children b�c>rn Qf th3.s� m�rriage. The Court further <br /> finds that a petition for the determiastion of heirship in the �tter <br /> of the Estat� af Iiomer �icherd�, deceased, was fil�d in tYais Caurt <br /> on �the 28th daq of Ju�.y, �.967� and �hat e Decree ��s entered in thi� <br /> Conrt decreeing that Han�r Richards' sole and survi.ving heir waa� hi� <br /> brother, Logle L. Richsrds. The Ccurt �urth�r finds thst s p�rition <br /> for the determii�a�icn �f the heirs�ig af M�yb�lle Riehards, wa� filed <br /> in this Court on the 18th day cf July, 19�r7, and that she 2eft ae her <br /> heirs and only �ieirs a�t law, her husbmnd, Hamer Richardg; George <br /> � W. Giese, brother, and Fr�d J. Giese, brother, and that a Decre� c��s <br /> entered �n thia Couzt +an the 28�h daq of August, 1967, showing that <br /> Hc�mer Richards, her husband; her brother, George W. Giese; and her <br /> brother, Fred J. Giese, were her sole a�nd only s�rvivor� at la�. <br /> The Court further fi�nds that in the matt�r ot the determin�tion <br /> of heirship of Hamer l�ichards, there i� listed Minnie B. Rich�r��, a , <br /> si�ter-in�►iew� wife of Doan H. Rich�rdsy dece�sed. The� Court f�urther <br /> find� th�t the Eatate of Doan H. Richards hae been probated in the �t�te <br /> of Idsho� and that he le�t surviving him, a�o child�en, but his wife, <br /> , Minnie B. Riehards. <br /> The Court further find� on the �8�� dsy o� J�n���ry, 1963, m <br /> duly verified petition was �3.1�d in tla3.s Gc�urt praping for th� aZlow- <br /> ance of proba�te of �n instr�ement purpagt�.ng t� be �he Last Wi2]. �nd <br /> Test�ment of Iit�mer RichB�cd� and Mayb�lle R�.chards, acad aa Ord�r of thi� <br /> Court w�s duly msde and entered $etting and assigning the ���� day <br /> of February, 1967, in th� County Ccc�urt Rot�n i.xa Grar�d Island, H�11 �oux�ty, <br />' Nebras'k�, as the time and glace �or he�ring oc� su�t� peti.tian and ord�ring <br /> notice of the pend�ncy th�re�of and tihe hearia�g ther�on to be given �� <br /> ali peraone intere�ted by publi� notice of hearing; �s �he Grend <br /> Zelar►d D�ily Indepe�adeat three 8ucces�iv€ weeke prior to th� date �f <br /> euch heatring. �uch natice �as duly given affi ahc� bp proof of ��abli- <br /> cat3.c�A filed h�rein and further noeice of such h�:aring �vaffi giv�x� to a1Z <br /> persor►e �.c�tereeteci by tm�iling � copy of such notie� to �.11 s�ch in�er�±sted <br /> id it of maili.n of �otice <br /> ffled <br /> hexe3.n. <br /> ersons �s shov�m b tlze Aff av <br /> P <br /> Y � <br /> Z'k��t on se�ch date3 Febru�ry 16 , 19fi7, th� hearing o� <br /> such petition was duiy he1d, there befz�g no objeetions, and su�h doc�- <br /> ment w�s duly approved, allawed, �nd a�dmitted tc� probete �s and �or <br />' <br /> '' the Last Will and Testament of Hcmner Richaxds� �eee�sed, sr►d �ybelle <br />�;� ' , <br />