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' (g) After payment of the unpaid balance of court costs <br />' to the County Court of Hall County, Nebraska, in <br />' the amount of $2.00, the Executor will have a <br /> balance of cash on hand in the sum of $11,110.70 <br /> which should be paid, distributed and delivered as <br /> follows : <br /> (i) TYie Executor should retain the sum of $5,000.00 <br />. until the Internal Revenue Service has accepted, <br /> or audited and assessed a deficiency or an over- <br /> assessment, of all income tax returns filed by <br /> decedent or the Executor, for which the Executor <br /> is liable for the payment of additional income <br /> tax. <br /> (ii) The Executor should use such part of the retained <br /> sum of $5,000.00 for the payment of any income <br /> tax deficiencies or assessments made by the <br /> Internal Revenue Service, and, upon the payment <br /> of a11 income taxes for which the Executor is <br /> liable, the balance of the retained sum of <br /> $S,OOO.OG remaining in the hands of the Executor <br /> should be paid, distributed and delivered to <br /> Amelia E. Graham, sole beneficiary under the <br /> terms of the Last Will and Testament of John B. <br /> Graham, d�ceased. <br /> (iii) T"ne Exectitor should forthwith pay, distribute <br /> a1-±d �leliver to Amelia E. Graham, sole beneficiary <br />� under the terms of the Last ���ill and Testament <br />�; o� John B. ^r.aham, deceased, the sum of $6,110.70 <br />- Ca3�7, <br /> f (h) The E�:ecutor has on hand, constituting personal <br />� pr�per�y assets of the estate, installment purchase <br /> cantract� for the conciitional sale of real estate, <br /> which �re more particularl_y described in tne Fina1_ <br /> Administration Account filed herein by Executor. ; <br /> 'The instal_lment �ale contracts for the condi�<<� <br /> sale at real estate betwe�rA John B. �raham, as s�11er, <br /> and the buyers in the contracts, ahould be assianec <br /> and de7.ivered forth�ai_th by th� �ecut�:- to A;.1e!:.a E. <br /> Graham, soie bez�efi.eiary ur�'er the terms of tr�� �.�sL <br /> , Wi11 urd :ie�tament of John 3. Graham, decnas�=d, <br /> IT IS �JR�ER.`;D: <br /> 1. 'I'he Fi:nal ��cimini�i�ra'�ian Acccur:'� iG, aZl�w�:i a=� <br /> approved, <br /> 2. The alZega"....�<,, �r: th� retiticn fc��- Settle^}en� c� r i:�u._ <br /> Account and Dis tribu���or: ���F� true �.r��i ��rrect� <br /> 3 . John B. Gra.rLam; d�cea.sed , �i.�d testa}�; a re�'den.� �nt� <br /> inhabitant of Ha11 C�,un�.v, �'ebra.skca, o^ Januarj� 28 ; 1.96�, l�u�'�_ <'s <br /> his sole and only heirs �� iaw tl�? persor�� 7a�e� , n Paragrr�ph ;_: ; i-} <br /> of the f ind�ngs, abo�,•e . <br /> 4. 1he Fxecutor f�r_th�;irh p�y the si.:m oz $2 .�0 to she Co::.:�sj <br /> Court of Hall County, "�ebra�ka, for pa,Y�l�nt cf the �.xcpai� l�vl�r�ce :�f <br /> i court costs . � <br />" 5. The Executc�r pay, c.i.el.iver rxr;d ��s�.Y�.b�:��e the residuar��� :_�s�s�t.s ' <br /> � <br /> i <br />;j <br /> F,� <br /> � <br /> °.`_ k, <br />