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f` «stgt�� a tP AA. a <br />TM 1 aF'Av <br />s tta' 'fir° �e" {» dk�+ y <br />��' _d} <br />�t��3,. <br />1�"i�> �.,.� <br />'%'�'rt+M"y° "`y._FM y �YLYt �1�'f <br />1 'V�yn 'Y ' 'ik <br />I a c `' 4 -f e, � R � aE tip -'s'` <br />a'� <br />1 7c w". 1-� sS ° '� 'F r t <br />a �'"t'Y y �� L <br />P 03g � h6* <br />i fr ak tia t 9 t { �S i'rT -N, fi .�� k•,e Serer $ 4,i',`,'1gi. �' lily '� f q '* ,E ° t Z s P j ��P <br />x '{� µ,'S �,'si ''`t �"' `% r,�i P�s's%t'�i w('}E,r a 7'- -"n 'his ♦ f t r r �` F 7' #i <br />r r F F Y +� .� 4� L � � •• � .. 4 <br />TW8- LFAS4 doted �s of July' 1, 19 2 between Ta4wc.zE <br />- FACILITIES, Zxo, a Delaware corpoi.ation (hex em called ".Lessor' ?) and <br />CoxTMUTAL Qn, Coxp4z..T a, Delawarg corporation (herein called <br />x <br />r <br />"Lessee"),, <br />4 F <br />WP TxESUMU _ <br />t <br />1 .lease of Pi einsses,` Lessor, for and III consideration of the pay- <br />ments hereinafter stipulated to be made by Lessee, and the covenants <br />and agreements hereinafter contained to be kept and peifoimed by <br />Lessee, does by these presents demise, lease, and let unto Lessee, and <br />Lessee Ooejs hereby Bite and take from Lebsoi, for the term and upon <br />the conditions hereinafter stated, the several parcels, of land described <br />in Schedule ' °A." heeeto attached and by teference thereto made a part <br />Fheleof for all purposes, together with all bu)ldings,' improvements and <br />equipment of whatsoever character` thereon and all rights -of -way or <br />use, servitudes, licenses, easements, privileges and franchises appur- <br />tenant thereto, and together with the rights of the landlord under <br />existing leases thereof, including gents reserved thereunder (herein <br />called the "Properties ", each such parcel of land., together with its <br />buildings, improvements and equipment of whatsoever character <br />thereon and all rights -of -way or use, servitudes, licenses, easements, <br />pi Ivileges and franchises appurtenant thereto, and together with such <br />rights of the landlord relating thereto, called a `'Property ") <br />2 Teriii Sgbject to the further provisions hereof, this Lease <br />shall remain in force and effect for a term commencing on August 2, <br />1962 and ending at the clo §e of business on December 1, 1987 <br />3 Basic Rentals As the basic rental consideration herefor, <br />Lessee hereby binds and o')hgates itself to pay to Lessor at Lessor's <br />office in New York, New York, or such other place as Lessor may desig- <br />nate, on each and every, Iental payment date set forth in Schedule IIB" <br />hereto attached and by reference thereto made a part hereof foi all <br />> purposes, the semi- annual rental installment set forth In Schedule "B" <br />P <br />l 1 x <br />k <br />n s <br />r <br />t ] <br />3 <br />y t � <br />a <br />a { <br />� Fed <br />¢ r <br />t � <br />�n <br />F <br />t ¢ r <br />{ <br />1 <br />